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NowCar eMuscle Logo Fratzog

Dodge Explains the New eMuscle Logo

Written By, Jordan R

What’s up, my Fratzog? No need to get offended, the word is completely meaningless. Like any lingo, someone came up with the word, it became popular, and eventually someone gave it meaning. Sometimes it’s an inflection thing, like the language of “Dude”, where it can literally mean anything depending on how you say it, but for now, Fratzog is the term Dodge is going to use when it comes to its upcoming lineup of eMuscle cars. Well, maybe not the term so much, but the odd-yet-interesting new logo when it comes to separating the rest of the vehicles from the pack.

Speaking of pack.

"We don't want them to look radically different because we want you all to be part of the same thing…So, we said, 'OK,' if you have electrification in your car, we don't want you to be screaming, 'I have electrification." - Kuniskis said during an interview with CNBC

This statement was in reference to the “Brotherhood of Muscle" ownership community Dodge started years ago. The word “Fratzog” never had any real definition tied to it. A completely made up word by a designer, Dodge coined the term for a few years - 1962 through 1976 – but aside from the design, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information on it. Some call it a three-pointed star, some call it a deltoid with its triangle but curvy shape likening to the deltoid shoulder muscle(s). Let’s call it what it is - a triangle where each corner is an arrow pointing outwards.

The curvature of the new logo is cool on its own, and it almost feels like the “big red button” that you only push in certain emergency situations. That’s actually a reference to Men in Black, but funny enough, the announcement of the Dodge eMuscle came shortly after PSA Peugeot CEO Carlos Tavares made the decision to turn up the heat on the Stellantis lineup. With a short list of green vehicles, several brands, including Dodge, were going to get the axe if the automakers resisted going green for much longer. Thus, eMuscle spawned, and the new bold logo, lit up with red LED lighting, looks just as menacing as an electric Dodge muscle car should.

Like the SRT Hellcat logo and the SRT Demon logo, Dodge wants to make it clear which vehicles are electric and which are not when consumers are in the market and shopping for a new Dodge vehicle. One would think the new Dodge electric vehicle (EV) would have enough of a design change that consumers wouldn’t have to go looking for a logo to confirm what’s under the hood. Does this mean Dodge will use the design of some of its already popular vehicles and go the route of Jeep and electrify vehicles in the lineup? Or will Dodge bring back the Viper to sell its first all-electric vehicle?

We’ll know soon enough. Dodge is expected to release more details about its electrification plans in the fourth quarter of this year, 2021. Although the first eMuscle car isn’t set for release until 2024, the automaker intends to show us a concept for the first eMuscle car in 2022. We can’t wait to see what the automaker has come up to bring green powertrains to the muscle car lineup. Stay up to date on eMuscle and more Dodge news when you follow us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Dodge