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NowCar Chevrolet Silverado Colorado Centennial

Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition Trucks

Written By, Jordan R.

It seems Mitsubishi Motors isn’t the only automotive brand celebrating 100 years in the auto industry this year. General Motors is also celebrating a centennial anniversary for Chevy trucks. To honor the achievement, they’re coming out with some special edition trucks for the Chevrolet Colorado and Chevrolet Silverado.

100 years is quite the achievement for any automaker, so making some special editions to pay homage to their roots is not a surprise. Back when Mitsubishi Motors first started celebrating, they too had a concept developed that went back to their roots as well as opened up possible designs for the future with their Centennial Mitsubishi Hyaku concept. GM, namely Chevrolet, is taking their designs in another direction though, going for a vintage look rather than futuristic.

It’s a little surprising that Chevrolet’s trucks are being celebrated here, being that they’re most well known for the Corvette and Camaro. However, if we take a little refresh on past articles, Chevrolet trucks have been dominating the scene as of late. Not too long ago, GM supplied the army with a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, a heavily modified Chevrolet Colorado powered by, you guessed it, hydrogen. They also recently tested out the Colorado ZR2 during the “Vegas to Reno” off-road race, and it was one of the few vehicles to make it without breaking down.

So if you’re on board with all that, Chevrolet trucks are worth celebrating. These new Centennial Editions will be featuring some vintage touches, such as the Chevrolet name spelled out on the body like the ol’ badge on the first Chevrolet truck back in 1918. The badge will be placed on the front and rear fascias, the front doors, bedliner, and floor mats. Navy blue is the color of choice for the badging as well as the body, a bit of a theme that will surely highlight the brightwork of the truck overall.

These special edition Centennial Colorado and Silverado trucks will only be available with extended or crew cabs, so those interested in getting a modern yet classic looking Chevy truck should know that going in. When riding around, the Silverado will glide around on 22-inch painted wheels with chrome inserts, and the Colorado will have 18-inch wheels in similar fashion. Just in time for the 2018 model year, expect to see both vehicles this fall.

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