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Online Shopping: Changing the Way We Buy Cars

Written By, NowCar Team

Young Driver With Keys


This spring, a survey was conducted of 2500 car buyers on the future of car shopping. Reflecting a sign of the times, the results were telling of the direction that car consumers are ready to head to for a new marketplace. That new marketplace is online.

Changing the Way We Buy Cars

Key results found that while many still want the tangible experience of test driving a car, many wanted to see their transaction end online. It also showed that consumers are ready to see the automotive industry change the way they present and sell cars. The result is that consumers want the car buying experience, as a whole, to change. They want to buy new cars online.

Real Vs. Virtual

These days, buyers can shop online for everything they need from Fruit Loops to Ballet Shoes to office equipment. When most of the research for researching your next vehicle is done online to begin with, why wouldn’t you want to end the experience online, as well?

I get it, you can’t test drive a car online.

Of course you can’t, that’s given. However, there’s nothing saying that once you’ve done some research online and you think you’ve found the new car that is going to fit you perfectly you head down to your local dealer and try it out. Take it for a test drive. Experience the drive quality and feel the comfort or discomfort that comes from driving it.
We agree, this tangible experience of test driving is very important. No amount of numbers or words are going to be able to sum up the power behind an acceleration or hug of turn feels like in the car you want. As we all know, that is something that we have to experience for ourselves.

Real Connection

People still want that. Another result from the survey found that 35% of women were interested in having the tangible experience at the dealership while then leaving to purchase the car online. In a not-so-surprising gender stereotype, 33% of men would like to avoid the dealership altogether and stay right online, buying or leasing their new car from beginning to end, straight from a website.

If we’re sticking to stereotypes, men really will do anything to avoid shopping.

In either case, both men and women want to avoid the purchasing process at the dealership.

With long waiting times for finance approval and even more waiting for trade-in values to comes through, it can sometimes be an all day process, so who could blame them?

Virtual Connection

Ethernet Connection

What happens online that doesn’t happen at the dealership are the incredibly boring waiting times for everything, the pushy sales team, discussing your credit and if, God forbid, you happen to be a woman, avoided being spoken to. All those things disappear when you’re researching and deciding to purchase a car online.

What does occur besides convenience, is total anonymity. How does anonymity help the purchasing process? No one gets to judge you for wanting to purchase a car. There’s no stares from anyone, no wondering when your partner or parent is going to show up to help you. You have all the information they need to get the process not only started, but completed and its just that easy.

You already know how to do your online research and you know which car you want. This process simply means no one breathing down your neck and no long waits. This model of buying cars truly caters exactly to you and what you need and want.

Individualized Experience

Even while consumers are looking for more to all of the car purchasing experience to occur online, they still want a more personal and individualized experience than they’ve been getting, even with face to face communication at dealerships.

What’s missing at the dealerships can surprisingly be accounted for when car shopping online. The individualized experience people are looking for is unique to that person. The new consumers, especially younger consumers, want a vehicle that is specific to them and fits their needs.

Another result from the survey found that 66% of men and 56% of women would most prefer to identify the car they like and then have the dealers submit their best bids.

Instead of the dealer choosing the vehicle for the consumer, wants it the other way around. They want to be the one in the ‘driver’s seat’ (sorry, that was too good to let go). Today’s consumers want to choose their car first and have the dealer give them that car. They don’t want to choose from already made inventory.


Websites like provide exactly that personalized shopping experience that today’s car buyers are looking for. With, you shop for the car you want. You choose its modifications specific to your needs and then the car is presented to you.
When you first enter the site, you are presented with three different search options. You can either search by “Body Style and Features”, “Price and Payment” or “Make and Model”. From there you can get as personal and specific as you desire.

NowCar has created the perfect online marketplace that truly does cater to today’s consumers needs and wants. You present the car you want. They provide you with it. No restrictions from a dealers lot. No settling for a car that doesn’t have everything you. For the cost of cars these days, buyers should be getting exactly what they want and need. NowCar provides you with that possibility.

You must be thinking that this process sounds entirely too good to be true and must be super expensive. That’s not the case. NowCar provides the lowest possible price so there is no haggling price, no negotiating. They want their buyer to see how transparent their purchasing process is that they include all government fees and taxes, consider your income and credit and give you a payment plan up front. Nothing is hidden. It’s all out there and it’s guaranteed to be the lowest price you’ll find.

Understanding this process and taking it all in is entirely new and while NowCar has worked to simplify it as much as possible, it can still be confusing. Any questions or concerns that you could have can be answered by the available associates who are willing to listen and guide you through the whole process.