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If This Car Could Talk

Written By, Mike D.


Last month, in our series, “If This Car Could Talk,” we wrote about a what a Honda Civic would say to its high school senior girl. This month, we are swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction.


Car: 2008 Kia Optima
Driver: Grandma

No rush. No place to be.

Mondays are still Mondays -- a day most people dislike since it’s the beginning of the week and follows two days of distraction from the 5-day work/school week. However, for the little old lady, the day may get started just a bit later since there may be no rush to get anywhere and avoiding rush hour is always a good idea. This makes her car happy. There is no slamming on the gas to rush to the next heavy-breaking situation. Maybe just a drive to the grocery to pick up some eggs. No rush. No place to be.

Similar to our younger driver, the little old lady enjoys having friends in the car and the car enjoys this too. Stories of days and years gone by. There are still stories about boys, but now they are husbands. Discussions include children, grandchildren, and maybe one day, even great grandchildren! Time has given these ladies an appreciation for their friendships and relationships, something the younger driver will gain with experience. The ladies are more content. They are in no rush and have no place to be.

The little old lady takes care of her car. Her husband always stressed how important it was to take care of you vehicle. Maybe this is a trait of most depression era folks -- taking care of your property. She has a little book she uses to keep track of service and even her gas fill-ups. Something tells her the next owner will be impressed by the detail in which her records were kept. Forget the fact that they are hand written. It’s okay with her. She is in no rush and has no place to be.

For now, the Kia is her key to freedom -- her key to independence and also her key to the past. For now, the little old lady can still take her time and go when she wants with whomever she wants. Though, she knows one day, the time will come, when she will not be so quick or see at night so well. She knows those days are drawing near and she will soon have to park her car for good. She knows this will be a big change, but she has overcome much in her long life, and this is but one more hurdle. She is okay with it. She knows she is in no rush with no place to go.