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A Series: If This Car Could Talk

Written By, NowCar Team

Car: 2005 Honda Civic Navy
Driver: High school senior girl

The first words out of her mouth would be to preserve her heart.
So, every 3,000 miles, she’ll need a spa treatment with original, factory parts.
A balanced diet of the right blend of fuel
Will help her keep you on time for arrival at school.

Aside from that, she’s pretty happy with you
Because she loves all the friends that do come through.
And she loves when you two are driving home from school
Because that’s when you’re in the best kind of mood.

You have been warned,
You better be kind
If you keep dinging that VW Bug next to you,
Her paint will come off and she’ll start turning blue.

When it comes to appearance,
She’ll tell you she’s proud of her body
Which is something to note,
Cuz she hates when you've parked her crooked at the party.

She would tell you the inside is as important as out
So please keep it clean when driving about.
Next time you spill your drink from a cup
Please take a second and just wipe it up.

Put all your clothes and shoes in a basket,
You’ve got to stay neat or she’ll blow a gasket.
And stop worrying about that boy in homeroom,
You’re going off to college soon.

And she’d ask for some scents to place in the trunk,
Those soccer clothes have quite a funk,
But not in the front, she won’t want to hear it
She’s all about today’s teen spirit.