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Buick Has Crafted the Perfect EV Concept

Written By, Brad R


General Motors has put together a focus for their Buick brand. They have put together a new concept vehicle and will begin its overhaul of the line-up starting with next year's 2024 all-electric SUV. The Buick symbol and iconic design are changing for these new vehicles coming out, much like rival brand KIA redesigned their logo on their rides. Stellantis is aiming to do the same with EV battery plants popping up soon. Buick serves as a mid-level luxury brand that announced this month a new Buick concept known as the Wildcat EV that will come out within the next 18 months.

Little Details, Tons To Look Forward To

The Buick team and their leaders were shy about any details aside from the first images and the details about its platform. General Motors will share parts for this new EV and the Ultium platform with GM's proprietary propulsion system will be the underpinning for each of these new EVs coming out produced by General Motors. When looking at the absolutely lush Wildcat EV concept, the thought held they missed a perfect marketing opportunity to package this vehicle as something to be used by James Bond. Names like "Spectre" and the "Silver Bullet" or "Silver PP7" would have helped make waves when this vehicle was first shown. Wildcat is the name they will push, but this instantly iconic concept with its poignant silver and grey, sharp lines, and a wild inverse wheel design looks like a chandelier. The grille has thin lines wrapped around the front base and a futuristic shape that is stunning.

A Remarkable Concept

Buick has really gone all out with this luxurious concept that should ignite a fierce interest in what Buick does going forward as a brand. In fact, Buick is doubling down on this impeccable design to state that their entire line-up will be EVs by 2030 and this outcome of the Wildcat is what to expect going forward from Buick. As the brand stated, “developed to convey the all-new design language that will influence Buick production models for the foreseeable future" according to the brand. We are witnessing a beautiful transformation for the Buick brand. Two more crossover vehicles are expected before the arrival of the 2024 Buick EV. The production will be found in both China and North America for those vehicles. China acounts for the largest market for Buick with five times the amount of sales, but the Chinese line-up will not have any EVs by 2030. The Buick brand dates back 120 years, even before parent company General Motors. 

Buick has said they will name their U.S. and Chinese products under the Electra name, a name that goes back over 60 years. This Electra badge added for future Buick vehicles was last used on their 1990 Buick full-size flagship sedans. We can expect great things coming from the brand coming forward. 

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