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NowCar Buick Wildcat EV Concept

Buick Introduced New EV Plan for Lineup

Written By, Jordan R

Back in March 2022, it seemed like every major automaker had a new business plan to share about electric vehicle (EV) and battery-electric vehicle (BEV) development, amongst other things. Stellantis finally decided to commit, the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) and Kia Corp were already well underway on their goal to become a dominating force in the EV market, and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced their plans for the rest of the decade, with Nissan announcing its first-ever EV plan. Now, another automaker has made the commitment to introduce an all-new all-electric vehicle lineup by the end of the decade – Buick. It all starts with their first EV concept, the Wildcat EV.

“The Buick brand is committed to an all-electric future by the end of this decade…Buick’s new logo, use of the Electra naming series and a new design look for our future products will transform the brand.” - Duncan Aldred, global vice president, Buick and GMC

Two things are setting the stage for the upcoming Buick zero-emissions, all-electric future. With the first Buk EV to hit the North American market by 2024, the model will be wearing the Electra name to draw from the automaker’s heritage to pay homage to the brand’s identity. Furthermore, the model will be donning a new badge, the first significant change to the emblem since 1990. Mounted onto the front fascia of the Buick EV concept, and on future Buick models, the emblem is no longer a circular logo, and incorporate a new layout that builds on Buick’s recognizable tri-shield. With roots in company founder David Dunbar Buick’s ancestral heraldry, the new emblem will be a sign of more changes to come.

The first model to hit the EV portfolio is the Buick Wildcat EV concept, illustrating the brand’s new global design language that will shape the new design language of the upcoming lineup. Wearing the new logo on the front fascia and rear, the Wildcat EV is a two-door coupe with a powerful, expressive presence and a laid-back but wide stance. Although equipped with an all-electric powertrain, the concept features a low-mounted, trapezoidal grille. Other styling cutes feature sharp, high-mounted and horizontal check mark-shaped lighting with primary lighting houses within the outer edges of the grille. The windshield wraps around, almost giving a visual appearance of one long window from front-to-back.

Other exterior details highlights include semi-swing doors for easy entry and exit, a unique aluminum trim that can also be seen mirrored in the interior cabin and seating, micro-LED lighting technology and thin-beam projector lenses up front, blade-style taillights embedded in the roof’s sail panels, check mark-style horizontal lamps that echo the front lighting signature, an external “state of charge” indicator visible in the glass of the hatchback, and Jet Age-inspired 18-spoke “turbine” wheels. Inside, a prominent console extends from the base of the vehicle to the rear seating area. Color plays a large role with Legato Green flowing through the cabin and lively orange elements, such as orange accents on the seatbelts. With cockpit-style seats and headrests that appear to be floating, the overall interior appears lightweight and spacious. The front ends with a sweeping touchscreen and flat-bottom steering wheel that complements the screen integrated into the console.

Does it sounds any other different than current Buick models? Let us know your thoughts when you join the discussion on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Buick Media