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5 Most Insane Driving/Traffic Laws in the U.S.

Written By, NowCar Team



There are some laws that make people scratch their heads; then there are the ones that make them question the people meant to govern them. 

While there are many silly laws still in place today, we've gone out of our way to find driving and other traffic laws from across the country.  

This is one of those lists you don't want to find your city on!

Have a Lantern? You Can Go Your Own Way

In Alabama, it's perfectly legal to drive down a one-way road, as long as you have a lantern attached to your vehicle. Many online have questioned the legitimacy of this law, but it was confirmed by a lawyer in Kentucky. 

Would I try this, though? Probably not. Mostly because new cars in Orlando don't come with lanterns attached as part of the standard vehicle package. Because while it might be legal in Alabama, you could still be at fault for an accident should you run into oncoming traffic.

Run Out of Gas? That's illegal.

While gas prices dropped for a short time, they're back on the rise. For budgeting commuters, that often means waiting as long as possible in between fill-ups. 

But for drivers in Youngstown, Ohio, that might be a risk not worth taking. Because in this city of over 60,000 it's actually illegal to run out of gas. 

How that's enforced is questionable, but if you're ever in Youngstown, take the opportunity to fill up your car all the way to full.

No Reading Spider-Man While Driving

If you use your morning as a way to catch up on the latest issues of your favorite superhero comics, you may want to avoid taking a job in Oklahoma.

Drivers in the Sooner State could land themselves in trouble if they're caught reading comic books behind the wheel because the act is illegal. No, reading in general appears to be safe, but comic books have been singled out.

While it's clear distracted driving is a problem all across the world, Oklahoma's law only seems to be a relic of a time when comics were a new form of entertainment for young people.

Honking Might Scare the Local Horses

Now, horses  are scared of some strange things, but in Oxford, Mississippi they take protecting their delicate horse population very seriously. 

In this small town just south of Memphis, it's illegal to use your car horn because it might scare nearby horses. The big question is, what's more important: using your horn to alert fellow drivers or scaring a few horses? 

I guess we know the answer from Oxford's point of view.

No Steering Wheel? Don't Drive!

While some of us need a steering wheel attached to our vehicles to actually get around, it seems people in Illinois found ways to steer without a wheel at all.

But the state didn't seem to like that idea, and made it illegal to drive without a steering wheel. That was probably a good idea--in order to save the people from themselves, if anything!