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1932 Chrysler Imperial Earns Best In Show Award In 2022

Written By, Brad R

The 2022 Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance, a contest reviewing over many collector's editions of famous vehicles was hosted this month. Chrysler was thrilled to learn its remarkable Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Cl win the award for this year's Best in Show. The world’s longest-running concours, which was held on June 26, 2022 saw as many as 200 collectible cars and motorcycles from the past see a return of glory. held near San Francisco, California, this landmark annual event held at the Crystal Springs Golf Course saw the beloved 1932 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron CL take center stage. The group of respected judges from the international collector car world knew the classic and epically restored 91-year old Chrysler vehicle was far too lush to not hand the title over instantly. Keep in mind, this premium ride is only is one of only six such vehicles known to be made and the painstaking two-year restoration paid off for the owners.

“This presentation demonstrated truly exceptional and distinctive design combined with precedent-setting engineering. The 1932 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron CL is a perfect example of those characteristics and great selection for our most coveted honor,” Concours chairman Glen Egan said in a statement.

Chrysler Has Held Prestige For Many Decades

Back in 1931, almost a century ago, the luxurious ride that still holds its elegance was sold with its 125 horsepower engine that stood out from the crowd with its prestige earned by more ways than one. Among the final choices for the Best In Show were vintage Racecars, American Sports Cars through 1987, Japanese cars and vintage Motorcycles. This Chrysler won for the American Pre-War to 1956 class, beating out 16 other options.

“We are deeply honored that Hillsborough judges selected this magnificent Chrysler, given the stunning cars that were on display,” owners Lorenzo and Susan Nannini added.

We know the Chrysler brand is changing for the better, but we can't help to wonder if the future of the brand will see recognition like this in about a century. The modern Chrysler vehicles are going to grow the brand tremendously. Chrysler will continue to develop the rides the attract buyers, but it’s what is underneath the hood that will drive their sales for decades to come in the near future as they push for EVs. We have spoken about the wonderful perks set to emerge with the all-new Chrysler Airflow EV, set to redefine the brand for customers. The urgency is key as the brand wants to show buyers this iconic automaker is more than just an unique name in the market today; they are still a major player is the main sentiment Chrysler wants to get across.

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