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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Dodge to Debut Final and Seventh "Last Call" Model at 2023 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Dodge is putting up its dukes for its upcoming Dodge eMuscle lineup. Starting off in 2023, the first official model of the lineup will be the 2023 Dodge Hornet PHEV, a plug-in hybrid and the first… Read More

Jeep Improved Standing With Massive 2022

Written by, Brad R  

As we look back on a stellar year for the Jeep brand, the future is just as remarkable for the upcoming Jeep collection. Creating and diving into other segments and offering a larger portfolio the automaker has a lot prepared for buyers in the new year. Consider the Jeep Cherokee L, the newest Jeep vehicle added to the ever-growing Jeep SUV family… Read More


An Exceptional Ram 1500 TRX Is Born

Written by, Brad R  

It’s gonna be havoc! With an appearance that boasts more than a 7 foot wide stance and generating noises that would shake the earth, the sheer strength of the Ram 1500 TRX Havoc is unmatched. Ram has shown off this new edition presented in a brightly colored… Read More

NowCar AirCar

Review of New Car Tech in 2022

Written by, Jordan R  

Over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of new car concepts for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), artificially intelligent autonomous driving systems, and even aerial mobility, and one day to the moon?… Read More

NowCar 2023 Kia Stinger Tribute Edition

Kia Announces Limited Stinger Tribute Edition

Written by, Jordan R  

Remember back when the new Kia Stinger was the highlight of the Kia America lineup? A sports car, from Kia? That was something we’ve been waiting for, and the automaker delivered. Calling it a “car… Read More

Dodge Returns Manual Transmission To Challenger

Written by, Brad R  

Dodge has revealed their huge EV take over projects for their direct future and beyond, but they took one idea from the past and added it back to the 2023 Challenger SRT class; the stick-shift manual… Read More

NowCar Electric Ram

Stellantis Preview of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

Written by, Jordan R  

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the next big auto show, starting next year, January 5-8, 2023. Wow, that feels weird to say. Although the main focus is consumer electronics, automakers do… Read More

Chrysler 300 Not Expected To Become An EV, But Still In Plans

Written by, Brad R  

Despite being a large car, the Chrysler 300 has stuck around in a market that has vastly changed. The Chrysler 300 eventually become an electric vehicle? EVs are becoming more popular, however far from the norm. Let's see what some have suggested might be in store for the popular Chrysler sedan.… Read More

Shopping For More Than A Daily Commute? Think Jeep In 2023

Written by, Brad R  

For those searching daily for a ride that will satisfy their urge for adventure, we think of the Jeep brand as an ideal start. Drivers who are going on less traveled roads or very unique terrains, they have a choice between any brand and Jeep, but what about normal everyday paths? Do buyers gain greater comfort when choosing a Jeep vehicle? The 2023 model year for Jeep vehicles tries to do more and really offer their owners the refinement that is leagues above… Read More

NowCar Apple Project Titan

Apple Changes the Design and Operation of Titan

Written by, Jordan R  

There was once a time where Google, and its parent group ABC, Inc. were the only names making way for an age of self-driving cars with Project Waymo. Proposing new rules and safety standards with the… Read More

NowCar Chevrolet Electric Vehicle Technology Services

Chevrolet Changes the Way Consumers and Engineers Look at EVs

Written by, Jordan R  

After the new bill introducing nationwide EV charging infrastructure was signed in November 2021, a win for electric vehicles (EVs) and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) happened that day. EVs and BEVs… Read More