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New Cars for Sale in Leesburg, FL

Buying a new car is such an exciting idea! You've likely had your current car for a while, you've been saving up, and you're now ready to make the dive into a better vehicle.


New Cars for Sale in Leesburg, FL

But once you start navigating all of the options for new cars for sale in Leesburg, FL you quickly lose your initial excitement. You remember just how complicated the process of buying a car really is today, and that actually makes you angry.


In a world where everything else is so dead simple, innovation has changed entire industries to make customer experience and competitive pricing the two most valuable business assets.


Isn't it about time that same type of innovation was brought to car buying?


Car Buying Made Simple


The problem with car buying is that there's too many steps: research, deal hunting, dealer searching, finding the right vehicle, haggling, financing, and there's tons of waiting mixed in to make it the most boring, yet nerve-wracking experience that should be exciting!


It's no wonder people would rather go to the dentist than to a car dealership. There's no teeth pulling, but you'll always come out feeling like you were on the losing side of the deal.


At NowCar, we hate that people have that experience with car buying, so we thought we'd change it. Using our complete online car buying solution, you'll never have a dentist-like experience or feel like there was a better deal hidden behind a secret door.


We allow you to research vehicles, search our massive inventory for your ideal car, give you the absolute best price in your area, help you secure financing, and set up delivery when it's convenient for you.


This is where you probably think there's a catch, right? It's only natural, so we're not offended. But there's no catch. We don't have the overhead that a traditional car dealership does, so we can offer wholesale prices that would drive dealerships out of business.


Our goal is simple: make car buying simple. Are you in?


Featured New Car Brands


2014 Kia Optima Hybrid Leesburg FL 

While we'd love to offer buyers every single brand right off the bat, we've got to work our way up to that. For now, however, our large inventory includes thousands of vehicles from seven of the best brands on the market today.


  • Chevrolet - Offering over a dozen individual models, Chevrolet has the best variety of any brand today. From subcompacts to full-size SUVs, the Chevy brand offers has the perfect vehicle for everyone.


  • Kia - For ultimate value, it's hard to go wrong with Kia. The Optima is one of the best-looking, most affordable mid-size sedan available. You won't find more features for a lower price on any other vehicle in its class.


  • Dodge - One of the oldest American brands, Dodge is all about performance. From classic and affordable V6 muscle cars to roaring V8s, Dodge is all about fun and power.


  • Chrysler - Buying an American car is a statement. Buying a Chrysler is an even bigger statement. It says you love your country, but also love luxury. The perfect combination.


  • Jeep - If Chrysler is a statement of luxury, Jeep is a statement of adventure. When people see a Wrangler, they immediately think how awesome it would be to own one. So why not do it?!


2015 RAM 1500 Leesburg FL

  • RAM - It's America's most award-winning truck, with the best selection of trims, and an EcoDiesel option that gets better gas mileage than some SUVs. What more could you ask for from a pick-up truck?


  • Mitsubishi - With some incredible under-the-radar models, Mitsubishi's competitive pricing and reliability make it a brand you have to explore before deciding on a new vehicle.