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New Cars for Sale in Kissimmee, FL

Three very valuable things have been stolen from you as a car buyer: time, money, and pleasure. These things are not only important to you as consumers looking for new cars for sale in Kissimmee, FL, but as human beings as well.


When you make one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make in your life, you don't want to feel frustration and regret. You want to feel joy, and only joy.


2015 Chrysler 200 Kissimmee FLFor the majority of car buyers, however, that joy has been stolen by a broken system. It's not entirely the system's fault; it's just outdated.


In an age when you can order anything online and convenience is held in such high regard, why is it that car dealerships go out of their way to make the experience as inconvenient as possible? 


The Real Inconvenient Truth 


The model that car dealers in Kissimmee, FL use to this day is the most profitable for them. There's no beating around that bush. They buy cars from the manufacturers at discounted prices and try to sell them to us for as much as possible. 


Car buyers hate this, but if you want to buy a new car you have no choice. 


The worst problem with this is, the dealers don't car that the car buying process is outdated. They make profit, and at the end of the day that's all that matters. 

So, it's clear the system is broken and can't be fixed. What option do Kissimmee car buyers have?

An Alternative to Kissimmee Car Dealerships

If you want to buy the latest smartphone, you have a lot of choices. You can go directly to your carrier's store, shop at an electronic store, or choose from hundreds of online retailers. The same is true for most products today. You choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Unfortunately, car buying does not offer the same options that have come along as technology evolves.

NowCar wants to be that option.

Becoming the first online-only retailer to sell cars without the need to visit a dealership, NowCar plans to revolutionize the automotive industry. Getting rid of the haggling, waiting, and surprises of the regular car buying experience, NowCar  allows car buyers to buy on their terms. 

That means, when you're ready to move forward, you don't need anyone's assistance. That also means, if you suddenly decide your lunch break on a Thursday is a perfect time to buy the car you've been saving up to buy for years, you actually can.


Forget planning your weekend around "looking" and dodging questions from sales people, in early 2015 you'll be able to complete an entire car purchase online and have it delivered to you. 

Sounds a lot better than wasting a gorgeous Saturday sitting in a showroom, right?

Comparing NowCar Experience to Dealership Experience

To give you a sneak peek into the NowCar Experience will be like for Kissimmee car buyers, let's compare it to a traditional dealership:

Waiting for Hours vs. Over in Minutes

While you negotiate with a salesperson for $1000 off the sale price of a brand new car, you could have on NowCar and gotten an even better price without the waiting and frustration that comes with the dealership.

More Waiting for Financing vs. Available Instant Approval

Once you've negotiated your deal, you've still got to see the Finance Manager about finalizing it with a loan. This could mean more countless hours waiting for an approval, or even worse no approval at all.

In 2015, the question will soon be: Why would anyone buy a new car from a dealership when in most cases they can get an instant financing answer from NowCar? Well, we hope they don't!

Sales Pitches and Upselling vs. Peaceful Research

It's hard to just look at a dealership without feeling pressured to give away everything but your bank account number before you're sure you want to buy. With NowCar, you can use our site to research vehicles and our available inventory without worrying about someone barging in and ruining the experience.

Waiting for Car at Dealership vs. Convenient Delivery


Bet you're sick of waiting by now, right? Well, by the time you finish all of the paperwork there's no guarantee you car will be ready. NowCar's delivery service allows you to schedule a delivery time based on your availability. That could be at your home, or even your office so you can show it off to your co-workers!


Thousands of Cars for Sale in Kissimmee



One of the biggest problems with the car dealership model of sales is a lack of selection. With so many amazing cars available, you want full control over the color and features you get from your next car, right? 

Well, only if your local dealer has it. If they don't, you're going to have to drive until you find it or special order it (through the dealership) from the manufacturer. That means more paperwork, waiting, and likely extra fees.

NowCar destroys that problem with an inventory of thousands of vehicles with different specifications, options, and colors available that will blow your local dealerships away.


And if we can't find the model you're looking for, just ask and we will find it and attempt to beat all other prices out there so you have the absolute best buying experience possible.

NowCar Provides Car Buyers with Choice AND Savings

To summarize what NowCar offers buyers overall is tough, but it's all about providing buyers with choice AND savings, on top of convenience. We want you to have your cake and eat it too; no compromises necessary.