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New Cars for Sale in Deltona, FL

Buying a new car is a right of passage for most people. You work hard, build a career, save your money, sacrifice, and are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor by browsing new cars for sale in Deltona, FL.

2015 Chevrolet Cruze Deltona FL

The problem is, once you start that process, you quickly realize that it's just no fun. For one, you have to find the car you want, and if you've done the right thing and saved up then you want to get the perfect car.


But what happens when the dealerships near you don't have it?


And what about pricing and financing?


Do you really want to have to wait around and haggle for a decent deal?


Here at NowCar, we understand the problem…


Car Buying Has to Change


Think about how much the world has changed over the past 50 years. Technology and other advancements have given us a lot of wonderful things, making life more convenient than ever before. We live in age in which anyone can make a difference, disrupt standards, and enact real change.


Some of that has managed to reach car buying. The ability to use the internet to research vehicles, browse inventory, connect with private sellers and dealers has made car buying easier than the days when people were limited to print reviews and had to drive to their local dealership to get the full story.


In 2015, however, most consumers are armed with more knowledge than the salespeople assisting them. And yet, because of the way the dealer model works, you have to pay a premium to purchase an asset that's already the second most expensive purchase most people ever make besides a house.


The problem is, there is no alternative to the dealer model if your goal is to buy a new car. Think about how many options you have in every other purchase you make. You don't need to visit a brick-and-mortar store to buy most things nowadays. Most purchases can be made online and conveniently shipped to you.


With all of that in mind, why is there no convenient alternative to car buying? Once launched, NowCar will be that alternative.


Why Online Car Buying Will Change Everything


Everyone wants a great deal when they purchase a car. The problem is, it's not in the dealer's best interest to actually give you that deal. The more you pay over invoice is the more they pocket for themselves. Take the need for a dealership out of the picture and you'll be paying less for a car than you could ever imagine.


NowCar plans on beating dealer prices in ways that will make them unable to compete. Our online inventory also will not be limited by a few select brands with only a handful of new model options. We'll have access to thousands of new vehicles to ensure you don't have to settle just because the car you wanted wasn't available at your local dealership.


At launch, our car creator will allow you to build your dream car. But instead of that just being a dream that you hope to find in your area, we'll actually find it for you.


The best part? You can do all of this at your convenience.


Forget the old days of waiting until the weekend to go browse cars, feeling pressured to buy on the spot by pushy salespeople, and spending all day haggling for the best deal. Those are relics of the past, and people deserve an alternative.


As with any online shopping, you can use NowCar anytime you want, starting and stopping the process when it's convenient for you to do so and not when the dealership happens to be open.


To put it simply, our mission is to:


  • Make car buying easy - Just a few simple steps that put you in control of the buying process!

  • Offer the best prices - The type no traditional car dealership could hope to beat!

  • Bring unprecedented convenience to car buying -  Not only will you be able to buy a new car completely online, NowCar will deliver it right to your door.


Featured New Model: 2015 RAM 1500 Rebel


2015 RAM 1500 Rebel Deltona FL


The all-new 1500 Rebel is yet another example of why Ram does it best. With distinct styling, tailored engineering, and satisfying capabilities, the Rebel is destined to become another one of the brand's most popular models.


An exceptional, yet affordable option between the base 1500 and the Power Wagon, the muscly Rebel distinguishes itself from the rest of the lineup. A heavy duty grille that sports the brand's name instead of logo and a tailgate with the Ram name in 5-inch lettering test out some new looks for the company.


A beefy aluminum hood, powder-coated skid plates, a deliberate fender and bumper design, and tons of Rebel badging all contribute to the truck's aggressive appearance. Buyers can opt to get their Rebel with two or four-wheel drive, and there are also two engine options. You can go for either a 3.6-liter V6 or the more intense 5.7-liter HEMI V8.


Each is paired with an cutting-edge eight-speed automatic transmission that makes the ride smooth and helps reduce fuel consumption. Inside, the Rebel's bold looks go on with seats embellished with Toyo tire tread marks. Radar Red trim and accents also help to give the interior a sporty tone.


In addition Ram has included a new and exciting feature in this play on the 1500. Drivers will find a unique holder made of grippy material built into the center console to make phones or tablets easily available.


This pickup's got it all. It's rugged, it's daring, and it's well-equipped. If you're looking for a truck to satisfy your adventurous side…this is it.