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New Cars for Sale in Clermont, FL


Looking for new cars for sale in Clermont, FL is a long and grueling process!


First there's the research: the stuff that gets you up to speed with the latest and greatest cars in your price bracket. Then there's the local search, when you find yourself navigating business listings to find dealerships in your area.


Of course you have to then start checking dealer inventory to see if they've got the vehicle you're interested in purchasing. In a perfect world, that would be it. Unfortunately, that's not the case.


After finding the vehicle you want at a dealer near you, you're still out checking other dealers because the first might not have the best price. You can't trust that he's not trying to sell above market value!


This is Why Car Buying Sucks


2015 Chevrolet Cruze - New Cars Clermont, FL

Car buying absolutely stinks, as we've just shown above. The dealer model has been around for nearly 100 years, and at one time was the only option we could offer.


But in 2015, with technological developments and problems with the dealer model, it's clear things have to change. There's just got to be an easier way than searching, comparing, waiting, and then haggling for the second biggest purchase most people will ever make.


There is, and it's called NowCar.


What is NowCar?


NowCar takes the car buying process, breaks it down into the absolute necessities, and throws out the junk that makes it a painful experience. How did we do this? We took the process online, allowing you to buy a car on your terms for the first time ever.


Searching dealer inventory for the best deal? No need. NowCar offers prices that dealers simply can't beat with their business model.


2014 Kia-Optima Hybrid - New Cars Clermont, FL

Waiting? NowCar doesn't make you wait while we run the numbers or find an available salesperson. You also don't have to come in on a weekend because our hours conflict with your work schedule. You can start the process online during your lunch break on a Wednesday or while you're enjoying your morning coffee on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Haggling? We know people hate this. It always makes them feel like there's a better deal locked away in a secret vault guarded by the mysterious sales manager. Because NowCar is able to set prices at the lowest in the market, you'll never want to haggle again. We just give you the best deal upfront!