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Jeep Renegade hidden items

Your Jeep Renegade is Hiding Things From You

Written By, Harley Rothfeld

The Jeep brand is known for having some of the most unique cars on the market. Though the Jeep Wrangler was created more than 75 years ago, there’s still no other car on the street quite like it. A few years ago, Jeep set out to add a little more uniqueness to the lineup and they came up with the Jeep Renegade. Though the Renegade still has some of the signature Jeep features, the Renegade definitely has its own style and personality and hidden among its more obvious characteristics like the “X” taillights and curvy body, there are several “hidden” features that only devout Jeepers know about. Here are a couple we have found so far.

Graphics Galore

Hidden and not so hidden graphics can be found all over the Jeep Renegade.

This Jeep graphic is “driving” up the front windshield.

jeep renegade windshield graphic


The Yeti graphic can be found on the back windshield.

yeti jeep renegade


Photo source: Autobytel

The rubber mat under the center console is actually a graphic of a map.

hidden map renegade


See the Jeep grille throughout the Renegade?

jeep renegade hideen grille


Photo source: NY Daily

grille hidden jeep renegade


Photo source: NY Daily

trunk jeep renegade



Both the headlights and tail lights on the Jeep Renegade have some easy-to-miss details like a seven-slot grille inside the lights.

jeep renegade headlightsjeep renegade taillight

Check Under the Seat

renegade map graphic

Photo source: Auto Bytel

Under the seat cushion on the passenger side of the vehicle is a map with coordinates on it. This map is to a trail in the famous Moab, Utah where Jeep Easter Safari is held every year. Pretty neat detail.

These are just some of the many hidden features in the Jeep Renegade. Have you found any we didn’t mention? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! If you are interested in a new Jeep Renegade, check out our selection of Jeep Renegade models at NowCar and have one delivered right to your house with no dealer fees or delivery fees!