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Why Choosing NowCar For A New Car Purchase Is The Right Choice

Written By, Brad R

People have exceedingly more options than ever before when it comes to ways to get around. Modern transportation has merged with technology, and we've seen evidence of advanced autonomous testing that will grow every day until it is on each road around the world. Of course, that technology is still years of testing away from that being a reality. So, what is the best choice for customers to make when it comes to transportation? Let's examine the options people use every day and why NowCar is the right choice for your next car purchase.

Modern Transportation Services

Taxi companies, Uber and Lyft extend services that can accommodate daily customers and make it so that any other form of transportation isn't required. However, that's a very costly way to go through life. Many people favor to use public transportation, such as a bus or subway and walk once they arrive close to their destination. Of course, that might not serve everyone. However, we’re sure the best choice to save money and achieve the most convenient option is to purchase a quality vehicle at an excellent price. That’s what our customers do every day, 24/7 with the help of NowCar.  

Why Go With A New Car?

Aside from the understandable reasons for preferring a vehicle that a driver will end up owning, there’s plenty of reasons to avoid going with any of the reasons stated earlier. Public transportation is more time consuming and less efficient than having the means to go wherever the driver wishes. The upkeep of a pre-owned vehicle isn’t as much as many would think. A conventional oil change is less than $25 and only happens once every 3,500-5,000 miles or so. Some vehicles don’t require more than two a year. Buying a new car will require the same amount of oil changes as a pre-owned vehicle; it all comes down to how many miles, not the vehicle its self. Let’s go into some of the choices our readers might be considering that we haven’t addressed.

Considering A Scooter or Motorcycle?

Driving around in a scooter or motorcycle might be less costly, but it is considerably more threatening, especially in dense city populations. Most scooters do not go above 40 miles per hour, and they can’t operate on highways either. Motorcycles demand drivers full attention and as with scooters, they are usually for only a single driver. For those who love to shop, it will be hard to carry or store anything from a store or if the weather is bad. Heavy rain or cold winds cause driving a scooter or motorcycle to become more of a chore than an enjoyable affair. Safety is a more vital concern without the help of a vehicle’s architectural security. According to the United States government, data from 2013 remarked that for every mile traveled that year, the amount of motorcycle-related deaths was 26 times the number of car-related deaths with a high final total of 4,381 motorcycle casualties. We can think of way better options!

Leasing Is the Right Call Then?

Many people favor to lease a new vehicle, but there are problems with doing that also. Leasing is requiring that when the lease ends, a driver will need to find another vehicle to succeed it. It might be nice to have a new vehicle after the deal ends, but it can be time-consuming. Plus, leasing a vehicle comes with rules that can not be broken. There will be no custom modifications for any lease. Rules for leasing a vehicle will undoubtedly include a limit on the miles a driver can put on the vehicle. Sometimes that means avoiding driving the vehicle, especially close to when the lease is close to ending, which means car shopping will have to be done using another way to get around. Plus, there is no extra cash at the end of the day when a driver gets out of their lease, versus being able to sell off their pre-owned vehicle.

Pre-Owned Vehicles Are A Good Choice?

Among the options, this might seem like a reliable bet. However, used vehicles are definitely not a sure thing, either. Many vehicles can have accidents that are not reported, a used vehicle could have had multiple owners and are usually not going to last as long as a new one will. The value of a used vehicle isn't the same as a new one. Newer vehicles carry the latest technology and safety options that older vehicles simply won't possess. So, choosing a used vehicle doesn’t seem as engaging does it?

Selecting A Brand New Vehicle Makes Sense

Don’t worry about going with a new vehicle. Just imagine being in the car you've always wanted. It’s the most reliable option among the many ways people get around in today's world. Don’t stay waiting on a bus, don’t drive a vehicle that only has two wheels, don’t get fooled into paying more for a new vehicle in a lease when NowCar offers strikingly low prices offered on our phenomenal selection awaiting you. Check out how we can help with an online new car purchase today. We also provide assistance along the way with our Live Chat to support you with your questions. Check us out today!