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Why Buying a Minivan Is the Right Choice For Many Shoppers

Written By, Brad R

At NowCar, we wonder how are minivan sales declining in 2019? Some people believe not everyone wants to drive a minivan. Today, it is true that the coupes and the sedans of the world are also becoming less popular. But, what is the main reason? If those kind of vehicles aren’t as popular, what are shoppers looking for? Pickups and SUVs come to mind. Naturally, the first thing an owner hopes to have in any vehicle is a reliable option, but after that, owners care quite a bit about space. Having the ability to hold many belongings and fit guests and family members with plenty of storage room is paramount among shoppers. Interestingly enough, that is exactly what owners gain with a minivan. Minivans are still quite impressive for their strength and spaciousness.

Minivans Are the Best For Offering Space

We know the value of driving a vehicle that goes above and beyond to accommodate guests. When considering any purchase of a vehicle, don't be tempted to avoid buying a minivan based on any stigma attached to the name "minivan". Not everyone in a minivan is a soccer mom or incapable of enjoying a drive.

Taking a closer look at a popular vehicle choice, the Chevrolet Traverse, a mid-size SUV. Let's examine what it offers to customers. The Traverse is 204 inches long and 79 inches wide and 71 inches tall. A vehicle with very similar dimensions is the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica is also 204 inches long and 80 inches wide, as well as 70 inches tall. However, the Pacifica has much more storage room and spacing for occupants. The Traverse has three rows and with two rows up, it offers 57.8 cubic feet of storage and with all three rows used (holding up to eight passengers) there are 23 cubic feet of storage left. With substantially more room in the Chrysler Pacifica, owners have 87.4 cubic feet (30 more cubic feet than the Traverse) with two rows up and get 32.3 cubic feet if all three rows are up. The Pacifica has seating for nine, more than the Traverse. Probably the most amazing thing about this is the fact the Traverse costs, on average, about three thousand more dollars.

Don’t Follow Vehicle Stereotypes

Not to bury the Chevrolet Traverse, but the Chrysler Pacifica has more than double the maximum towing capacity. Rated at 3,600 pounds, the Pacifica is easily stronger than the Traverse that can only tow up to 1,500 pounds. So, think "Strong Mom" instead of "Soccer Mom" next time a Chrysler Pacifica drives by. The image of only women driving a minivan is also silly considering how practical a minivan actually is.

"Minivans have always had the stigma of the soccer mom image even though they’re incredibly practical," said Michelle Krebs, an analyst at car-buying site Autotrader.

A Slight Decline Won’t Change the Facts

The truth is the minivan is slumping slightly when compared to their 2009 sales numbers, a decade ago. Back then, the U.S. automotive industry saw 4% of all sales go to the minivan, while the number has dropped to just 2.6% after the first quarter of 2019, according to IHS Markit. The minivan has dropped down a few points every year since 2016. While automakers have added many choices for three-row SUVs, there is still something about the power and ease of driving a quality minivan. And those numbers don’t reflect the entire popularity of the vehicle.

Consider that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sold 151,927 Dodge Grand Caravans in 2018. Minivans got a large boost in sales when Waymo, a company that offers a new autonomous self-driving vehicle service, choose to add the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as their main vehicle with over 62,000 Pacifica orders made in 2018. We are proud to offer all sorts of Chrysler and Chevrolet products, including the Traverse and Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid at NowCar.

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