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Who Will Buy Cars Online?

Written By, NowCar Team

 Young Car Buyer

Welcome to NowCar! The only licensed car dealership that allows you to search, build, and buy cars online! We will even deliver your brand new vehicle right to your home or office because we believe that the only true way to buy a car online is NEVER having to set foot in a dealership.

Young Buyers Prefer to Buy a Car Online

The evolution of the automobile has come so very far since the Ford Model T first graced American roadways. The same can be said about the way we purchase those same automobiles. Every new car, regardless of make or model, is brimming with advanced in-vehicle technology, most of which did not exist a decade ago.

With a market that moves as fast as the automotive industry, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are preferring to buy a car online. The Millennial generation is the first to demand a way to purchase a vehicle online because this younger group of car buyers prefer not to go down to a dealership.

The majority of online automotive dealerships, however, still require that you head down to their showroom to sign the final paperwork. When buying a used car online, it is always recommended to see the car in person, before finalizing your purchase. The story is different, however, when purchasing a new vehicle online.

Changing the Way American’s Purchase their Vehicles

With the advent of the Internet, the entire car buying process was turned on its head. Potential buyers were not limited to exploring new car prices only at the dealerships they could physically visit. For the first time, consumers were able to look up MSRPs from the automotive brand and compare it to local dealerships.

Today, about 80-percent of car buyers check ten dealerships online, prior to making their final purchase.

NowCar is taking everything car buyers have wanted, and making it a reality. For drivers in the market for a new car, truck, or SUV, NowCar is giving them the platform to compare prices, research vehicles, build a vehicle, purchase it, and have it delivered. No trip to a dealership, no haggling, and no questionable antics.

It’s Never Been Easier to Find Your Perfect New Car

NowCar allows buyers to peruse new vehicles, by searching by either body styles and features, price and payment, or make and model. Whether you know exactly what car you want to buy, or are open to finding a great vehicle within your budget, NowCar is the place to research your options.

If you are still trying to figure out what vehicle to purchase, simply click on the “Search by Body Styles and Features.” Our easy to navigate website will take you through each step, helping you to find the perfect vehicle. After choosing body styles, features, and selecting your budget, NowCar will help match you with the brand new vehicle that is right for you.

For those more mindful of an exact budget, our “Price and Payment” search tool will allow you to research vehicles by either monthly payment, or total cost.  From that point, you can search for specific body styles, and vehicle features.

If you are the buyer who is set on the make and model you want to purchase, then our “Make and Model” search is the right choice for you. At NowCar, we can help you find any vehicle, from nearly any manufacturer.

Whether you want one of the most popular makes such as Chevrolet, Ford, or Jeep, or want to find a more exclusive vehicle brand, such as BMW, Land Rover, or Jaguar, NowCar can help you find it.

Buy Completely Online with Free Delivery

Once you find the new vehicle you want to purchase, the rest of the process is easy. Right from the NowCar website, you can secure financing, pay for your new vehicle, and set up the free delivery - right to your door.

The prices you see on NowCar is the price you will pay for your new vehicle. Our prices are low, and we guarantee that no hidden fees will ever be added to that low price. NowCar allows you to use several price comparison tools, all of which exist independently from NowCar.

These nationally recognized pricing tools will give you an accurate idea of the deal you are getting with NowCar.

Because we are a fully licensed dealership, and because we exist entirely online, there is never a need for dealership add-ons. Tag fees, doc fees, dealer fees...the list goes on and on. The NowCar price that you see for your new vehicle is likely the lowest you will be able to find, because we don’t collect any of these fees.

With the low vehicle prices at NowCar, there is never a need to negotiate. NowCar even has unique software to help figure out if you are eligible for rebates.

After you go through the entire process of buying your new car online with NowCar, you will have your new vehicle delivered to your home or office, completely free.

NowCar is Here For You

NowCar Customer Service

When you buy a car online with NowCar, you will receive the assistance of a NowCar Associate to walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

At NowCar, we believe that buying a car online is the easiest, and best way to make a new vehicle purchase. At the same time, we understand the value of having someone to help you through the process. With NowCar, you never have to worry, because there is always a real live person waiting to help.

True Hassle-Free Car Buying

Saying that buying a car is hassle-free, may sound like an oxymoron. With NowCar, car buying and hassle-free, go hand in hand.

If you aren’t completely comfortable with buying a new car online, spend some time on our website, and get a feel for our unique process. NowCar is completely free to use, which means trying it out, is also completely free of risk.

If you are looking to buy that perfect new car, give NowCar a chance to show you just how far the car buying process has evolved.