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What Brands Will Grow In the Third-Quarter of 2021?

Written By, Brad R

NowCar is proud to offer our shoppers with tons of smart choices they can make when buying a new vehicle. Across many of the top automotive brands so far in 2021 the returns for the top brands are quite positive. In spite of the lingering COVID-19 outbreak, production chip shortages, and a growing used car market, the new vehicles coming out this year have helped propel sales. Let us examine the truths we've noted this far along into the year with forecasts for the third-quarter sales named and just mere weeks before more 2022 model year vehicles arrive. Allow us to deep dive into a slew of news that customers can focus on before making their new vehicle purchase.

Looking At Sales For 2021

Plug-in sales have expanded by 60% in August 2021 in Europe alone according to InsideEVs, as 1.6 million passenger plug-in cars were sold in China alone. Sales would be even greater across the industry as a whole if more automanufacters were running at full strength and able to produce the amount of vehicles needed to meet demand. Hyundai is actually expected to see their change go up over 10% over what they earned in 2020 for the third-quarter. Hyundai is expected to see an even larger jump for their market share forecast and Nissan as well as Volkswagen are expected to do well in this upcoming quarter as well. 

Some of the Industries Hottest Choices

Look no further than the Jeep brand and it’s all-new Jeep Wrangler 4xe trim. The 4xe trim will be added across the Jeep line-up as plug-in hybrid‘s become more palatable for customers. There are more EV charging stations being built nationwide and worldwide, so as more places are available for EV owners to enjoy the perks of their electrified technology, we expect the uptick towards EVs to continue going. As far as the widely popular pickup segment, Ford and Ram have continued to vie for the top two spots for consumer spending for the F-150 and Ram 1500 yet again. Ram recently announced they will be continuing their Ram 1500 Classic for the 2022 model year and revealed some new perks will be added to the Classic pickup, including new tow hooks and a revamped heavy-duty rear shock absorbers, skid plates for the front suspension and a transfer case added.

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Build Your Next Vehicle With Our Help At NowCar

2021 has seen some impressive gains for many brands. Is there any brand that has caught your attention so far this year? Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of any brand. For any new vehicle shopping needs you have, we can assist with all buying needs anytime at NowCar! Build your perfect ride with our help right now.

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