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What Automakers Can Expect In 2024

Written By, Brad R

The six-week 2023 UAW strike has reached its end between union auto workers and their automakers, including those represented by Stellantis. Jeep, Dodge, Ram and other brands will not have problems going forward. While for some vehicles, a minor slow down hit some production and the truth is if the strike had gone on any longer then it would have caused a longer delay in 2024 model year vehicle arrivals. Ford, as well as General Motors, were also facing similar bouts of timing delays. This isn’t going to hit us at NowCar, but our customers can be happy to see the growth of the industry.

Examining the revealed details that have been noted regarding the agreements; a 25% pay jump and four-day work week were included for workers at Ford and the details for Stellantis have been in the works with finalization coming in time per ratification, signatures, and implementation. Even U.S. President Joseph Biden was at the forefront  in showing support towards the autoworkers as the “big three” automakers were forced to succumb to the pressures of workers flat out going “you better have my money!” This really is a huge win for our buyers as they will soon be driving the fruits of these workers' labor. In regards to where this puts EVs, they are safe though the details are yet to be fully revealed for the next generation of Dodge vehicles, but they are bound to renew interest of the brand. After all, for those not aware, the new series known as the "Last Call" for buyers ends soon.

Where All the EV Enhancements? Coming Soon

This United Auto Workers strike has been for many automotive brands a wake-up signal to prop up the large reasons that 2023 has been a unique one. Jumps to cover pay gaps and restore a balance of work-life and an outlook for workers is a present day problem. In a win for all things automotive, those involved have put their efforts towards revolving a much needed bump in resources. Some of the perks reigned in by the UAW (United Auto Workers) included cost-of-living adjustments, new accelerated promotion to the top of the pay scale and improved retirement benefits. From the beginning of the strike, UAW President Shawn Fain led the way in hard-nosed talks that came to an end during the final days of October.

As the strike is now behind us, the future in regards to electric vehicles still stands as part of the agreement included a say in preserving jobs that could be thought to be replaced by technological advances. The result is a strengthened resolve to complete the expansion of EVs and still maintain a workforce as production shifts towards the future that has already begun and our readers at NowCar can attest!

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