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NowCar US News Dodge Durango Kia Sportage Comfortable Interior

U.S. News Lists Dodge and Kia SUVs on Comfortable Interiors List

Written By, Jordan R

SUVs and crossovers have been slowly taking over the auto market in the last decade or so. Before, SUVs were known as gas guzzlers, but the amount of space for passengers, cargo, and towing power of most SUVs was a trade-off some were willing to make. The middle ground between all of that and a family sedan is what many would call a crossover, most of the time hatchbacks, able to seat five people, and not as big as an SUV. To compete with a vehicle that mixes up the best of both worlds, SUV automakers tuned up their engines and fixed the engineering to deliver power while also decent fuel economy. Now it all comes down to how it feels to drive, let alone ride in an SUV. Can it match the comfort of a crossover? U.S. News & World Report put together a list of the “13 Most Comfortable SUVs in 2020” and a couple of familiar names showed up on the list.

U.S. News & World Report and Comfortable SUVs

Why thirteen? U.S. News & World Report doesn’t say – the number thirteen is a lucky number in a lot of superstition and folklore though, so perhaps it’s just a 2020 thing. Regardless, U.S. News & World Report put together a list of vehicles that were rated on the features of their interior. It seems like a lot of automobile reviewers have been looking at the interior of vehicles, lately.

Even though SUVs are known for power, U.S. News knows that the interior comfort of an SUV is actually higher on the list of priorities for a consumer. After all, they’re driving it several hours a day. Plus, most consumers are in the market for an SUV for the whole family, so there are multiple people in mind when buying an SUV. Finding the best SUV for the family isn’t an easy task, and that’s why U.S. News put together list helpful list. See any familiar models?

2020 Kia Sportage – 8.4/10 – Starting MSRP $23,990*

Able to seat five passengers in two rows, the Sportage is more of a compact crossover than an SUV, but it made the list for its beautiful cabin, comfortable seats, and a smooth ride. Although fuel economy may not be where it should for a crossover, the Sportage comes equipped with many modern technology features consumers look for in a vehicle. Standard is an 8-inch touch screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and several advanced safety features, including lane keep assist, a driver attention monitor, and forward collision warning with brake assist, and pedestrian detection.

2020 Kia Telluride – 8.6/10 - Starting MSRP $31,690*

Tired of the Kia Telluride? This SUV is so popular, of course, it would show up on more than one “Best Interior” list, having also recently been listed by Autotrader. Featuring a premium cabin with two spacious rows for the front and middle passengers, and then there’s a third row perfect for kids. Offering comfort and technology, the Telluride offers synthetic leather seats, an 8-inch touch screen, smartphone connectivity, and six USB ports. Now everyone can stay connected and entertained on a long road trip.

Dodge Durango – 7.4/10 – Starting MSRP $30,495*

The Dodge Durango, best known for the SRT trim, making it probably the fastest SUV on the road, is also known for its roomy cabin and tech options. Able to opt-in for two rows or three rows, the Durango offers consumers options depending on how big their family is or plans to be. In the meantime, there’s a decent amount of cargo space, a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system, smartphone integration, and always the next version of Uconnect, currently up to the 5th generation.

See something you like? It’s easy to shop for a comfortable SUV on NowCar. Look for a Kia Sportage, a Dodge Durango, or any other SUV today.

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