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Third-Quarter Reports Reveal Top Brands

Written By, Brad R

The third-quarter of 2019 has come and gone. The results for the major automotive brands have poured in and some of the results are not that surprising, except for the dominance displayed by the Dodge brand in the muscle car segment. While total vehicle sales were down by four percent this year, there were some obvious exceptions to the recent setbacks of sales. Ram has increased over the span of 2019 by 23% so far this year and is the start of FCA. Let’s go over the results and share the details of each winner. Let’s get into it.

Top Vehicles of the Major Brands

Among the major automotive brands, GMC has done the best for General Motors with 5.6 percent more than last year. General Motors over rose 6.3 percent over this time last year. For FCA, Ram has moved 512,368 vehicles versus 416,661 vehicles sold through the third-quarter last year. Ram finished in the black again with great success. FCA is also ensuring its Dodge brand continues to grow with better vehicles year in and year out. The Dodge Challenger has finished first with 18,031 units sold ahead of the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, which sold 16,823 and 12,275 vehicles sold respectively. Dodge increased by 15 percent over this time last year. 

The Dodge brand has seen its Dodge Charger grow more than 60 percent over the last decade. The latest Dodge Charger introduces its first Hellcat Widebody. The high-end Charger is now faster thanks to its supercharged 6.2-Liter HEMI V8 engine, yet stops shorter than previously. Hyundai Motor America saw tremendous growth with the Genesis growing by 67.3 percent from this point last year, moving 14,909 vehicles versus 8,909 vehicles sold through three quarters in 2018. With all the latest vehicles that have debuted this summer and fall, NowCar is here for customers that want to drive the new 2020 models.

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