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NowCar Buying New Car Online

The Truth About Buying New VS Used Cars

Written By, Jordan R

There is nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned car. Most consumers that do buy a pre-owned car do it because of their budget, or know that the “new car” allure has faded, and there shouldn’t be many surprises left for what could go wrong if it hasn’t already. However, not every used car comes with a “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” program, and car crashes aren’t always reported, so who knows what the car has been through? Even online dealership Carvana is seeing the complete lack of interest, with the stock plummeting as new cars become ever increasingly higher in demand. What are some reasons why buying a new car is just a better idea?


Sure, the starting MSRP of a new car might be a little higher than a used car, but there’s always a little wiggle room and a chance to negotiate. Someone who really knows a vehicle’s worth can bring the price down considerably, whereas negotiating the price of a used car comes with many potential pitfalls. Not only this, but a consumer could pay more than what a used car is worth according to the market. When buying a new car with NowCar, our prices tend to be a little lower than the MSRP, and we have many ways our consumers can save money on a new car purchase. From rebates to credit evaluation, we can get consumers a better price on a new car and save them the headache on hidden fees.


New car coverage is always better than used car coverage. Most automakers will cover a car for cosmetic damage up to three years, and powertrain components for up to five years. Kia Corp and Mitsubishi Motors double this timeframe, with a five-year basic car warranty and a ten-year powertrain warranty. Not every used car comes with a guaranteed warranty or a warranty that is transferrable. CPOs tend to come with a short warranty, but they’re in a class of their own. When it comes to a used car, the warranty may not cover everything, where new car warranties tell you exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

Get What You WANT

This is probably the biggest reason why consumers go after new cars and why you should too. When shopping for a new car, the options are plenty. On NowCar, you can narrow your search to find exactly what you want, and more than likely, we have it available. When purchasing a new car, consumers can find the make, model, and features they’re looking for because of the amount of new cars produced and released every year. When it comes to a used car, the options are very limited, and more than likely, you won’t find what you want, if at all. Used cars are just sort of what’s left over, and most may be entry-level/base-level cars, meaning a consumer will have to pay even more than they’re already paying for the car to get the features they would find on a higher-tier level model.

Like we said, nothing wrong with buying a used car, especially a CPO vehicle. There are just many reasons why buying a new car is a much better idea. Find what you’re looking for at a great price when you shop for a new car online with NowCar.