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The Online Car Shopping Experience

Written By, NowCar Team

Online car shopping has been rough going for consumers for a long time, although not any longer because of But the night has been long for the automotive industry in the cyber world, and much of it has been a starless twilight with no light. The few comets of hope that have pierced the night's pitch have fizzled, gone wayward too far into the atmosphere and burned out—such is human greed. 

That's really the main problem with a lot of the convenience of the new way of things. People don't look into a deal like they used to anymore—that and the fine print is so fine that it barely shows up at all on peoples' tiny phone screens. Isn't that the way it is now, though? People on their phones browsing for cars. And that's the way it should be, the age of information is on us and it's never going to go away. Things will just keep getting more and more interconnected so that even our thoughts trigger undulations of technological vigor in the cyber world.

We're lucky, really, to be in such an amazing time of transformation, but with it has come an upheaval. The brick and mortar dealerships of the past are having a hard time competing anymore, but this is only their own fault—if it is a fault so much as an inherent vice to the dealership system.

Running A Dealership Is Expensive

There is a lot more overhead to a dealership than most people realize, and all of this is passed along to the consumer. It has to be; how else do they pay for everything? There is only one way to keep the lights on, and that's with money, your money. You'll end up paying it as a kind of dealership tax, and there are plenty of them. If there is a lawn and it needs to be manicured and mowed, expect that to come out of the money you could have saved on the purchase. If one of the higher ups in the organization is taking a trip to the Caribbean to sit on the beach with his third wife and drinking while the waves roll in, you're going to pay for that—not with your purchase, but along with your purchase.

Because it's just not as easy as it could be for those people if they just sold cars and didn't have to worry about the rest of the strata they surround themselves with. If it were just about providing a customer with the best vehicle for them then there wouldn't be so many moral conundrums and ethical snares. But there are these drivers in the background, pushing them to make the quota that the head boss told them they needed to meet. Which will incline them to steer you to parts of the lot that you probably have no real desire or business being in. This might have a lot to do with the fact that not only do they need to meet a quota, but they also need to make money on top of all of this.

Save Money with NowCar.Com

Saving Money On Car Purchase

Money, the driving force behind most of what makes the world turn. And along with money, right behind it in its very shadow, you'll find greed. Nothing but the worst of people is brought out by greed. No one ever helped their neighbor because greed loosed the goodness in their heart. The miser is the end product of greed, as is the CEO that runs his company into the ground making bad judgments based off the idea that he deserves to get even richer even quicker. Greed is what drives men to raise the price of medicine that people need to live twenty times higher than what it really needs to be.

But wasn't created on the premise of greed. It isn't like that at all for the group of tech gurus that bonded and collaborated with a bunch of automotive nerds to the point of being so close they consider each other even closer than blood relation. This kind of bond, forged in the flame of innovation and collaboration, is something that all of them take very seriously. They want their combine talents to create a synergy that is more than unequaled, because they are unparalleled already. They have created something so special, son singular, that they are making history every single day. And we are lucky to be able to take part in it.

The online car shopping experience is one that before now was only a dream. Consumers were sick and tired of being sick and tired of every scam under the sun be trotted out of the cyber car lot to be paraded around as the best thing ever. Ultimately it all just led to a bunch of frustration, information harvesting, in some cases identity theft, in others fraud and ruined credit. Because when you're dealing with high stakes things like peoples' credit it isn't good to have sites out there who exist solely to defraud consumers out of their time, money, biometrics, and ultimately their good will and faith in the automotive industry.

That waning faith is what wants to restore in consumers. wants people to get excited about buying cars online again, not get sketched out that they will have to give over not just personal but financial information to people they don't know and might not have their best interests at heart.

But isn't like that because they are transparent:

  • they don't hide fees
  • there are no bogus surcharges
  • they even have an Associate call the consumer to make sure that they have all of the shipping details squared away.

That's the way things should be done, were always intended to be handled, and that's what intends to bring the automotive cyber world back to. They aren't waiting for tomorrow or the next year for things to turn around, or for the government to finally step in and do something about all of the nonsense going on online. But the people have so much integrity they had to step in and do something about it. Now we all get to reap the fruit of a fortuitous turn of events—and we are truly fortunate. will show you their prices stacked up against the prices of other sites on the internet. They want you to have all the information at your disposal so that you're more than happy with the informed decision you make. But know this, many of the online sites don't include the government fees in initial price, and they also subtract big chunks out of the final price only to include them later as bogus surcharge: None of these tricks are new, but they seem to never get old enough to stop using them for some scammers.

Take heart, is revolutionizing the online car shopping experience, and there has been no better time to get on the internet and buy a new vehicle. There is simply no better way to buy a car, and consumers are appreciating this more and more by the day. It may seem like something you can put off until tomorrow, but why?

Don't wait.

Type into your browser now and see where it takes you. Take a look around, navigating the site is easy, and compare their prices with those of other sites. The knows that their price is going to win the day, and that after that their customer service will keep you coming back for more.