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The Most Ridiculous Car Insurance Myths (Part 2)

Written By, NowCar Team

In part one, we talked about some of the most ridiculous car insurance myths that people actually believe. While car insurance is complicated, some of the myths we're busting will really surprise you. Let's see if we can stump you in part two!

I'm Covered in Any Car 

Ummm, just no. No, no, no. Your car insurance does not cover you when you're driving someone else's car my friend. If you borrow your friend Jimmy's truck to move your couch but get into an accident, guess who's at fault---Jimmy. 

Your personal car insurance covers you and your vehicle. It does not cover you in cars belonging to other people. Same thing goes for letting friends borrow yours. 

You can certainly do it, but you better have a lot of faith in the person. If your friend causes a crash, you'll be the one answering for it.  

My Policy Covers Everything 

So you get car insurance when you purchase your car, life is hunky dory, and the universe is on your side. But then lightning strikes the tree next to your driveway and sends a 100-year-old pine toppling down onto your sedan.  

Bummer, but it's okay because your insurance will handle it, right? It's possible. If you have comprehensive insurance, you probably are protected in case of a fire, floods, or a freak hail storms. 

But if you went for the minimum coverage, you'll probably find that you are now seriously upside down on your auto loan without a whole lot of options. 

Make sure you know what's covered and what's not because weird things happen to everybody. 

It Doesn't Matter Where I Live 

If you're living in a very hip co-op downtown, you're probably paying more for car insurance than your sister who had a midlife crisis and decided to raise chickens in the country.  

Theft risk does factor into your premium, and insurance companies take your residence into consideration when offering you coverage.   

Going by the numbers, there is a bigger likelihood that your car will be stolen if you live in the city versus more rural areas. 

My Insurance Company Will Pay for My Rental 

Insurance companies do not usually reimburse rental fees unless you incorporate that service into your plan ahead of time. 

Many a driver has had a bad, bad day learning this the hard way. The thing that is really frustrating after the fact is that adding rental coverage costs next to nothing. It's a few extra dollars a month. 


So save yourself a lot of cursing and heartache and talk to your insurance agent up front about rental reimbursement. You never know when you'll need a backup vehicle.