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The Most Ridiculous Car Insurance Myths (Part 1)

Written By, NowCar Team

Oh boy…we know that car ownership can be a confusing part of life, but some assumptions about auto insurance just boggle the mind.  

Let's try to demystify the whole thing by squashing several common myths about car insurance. 

Red Cars Cost More to Insure 

Poor red cars…they have a bad rap. It's a common misconception that buying a red car will condemn you to exponentially higher car insurance and lots and lots of speeding tickets. 

Now what it really boils down to is how you drive. If you're a maniac with a red car, then yes, your insurance will probably skyrocket. And yes, you're likely to spend a big chunk of your paycheck making good with the local authorities.  

However, that's not your car's fault. It's yours you maniac! The truth of the matter is that the color of your vehicle has absolutely no affect on your insurance premium. Actually, the insurance agent doesn't even ask for that information. 

They're more interested in silly little things like the make, the model, and the year.  

No-Fault Insurance  Means I'm Never Wrong 

Now believe it or not, there are many people in the world who believe that no-fault insurance protects you from ever being in the wrong  if you have an accident. 

How awesome would it be if you could pay someone ahead of time to tell you you're always right in the future? That's pretty epic, but unfortunately it's just not how life works. 

When you have no-fault insurance, it really means that your insurer will pay for your car to be fixed even if you cause the accident. 

New Cars Cost More to Insure Because of Theft 

Newer cars often cost more to insure, but there is a lot of confusion around the reason why. Many folks assume it's because new cars are more likely to get stolen, but that's not it.   

Insuring a new car typically costs more because it would be more expensive to replace. Think about it. If you've been driving around a Buick Skylark from 1998, it's not worth a whole lot of money these days.  

On the other hand, if the Skylark finally breaks down and you spring for a brand new ride, it's going to have a much higher value. 

Hopping back to the issue of theft, these days, older cars are actually more likely to be stolen. That's because they don't have all the newfangled security tech that current models are equipped with. 

I Don't Need a Lot of Coverage 

It can be pretty tempting to go for the minimum coverage to save some cash. We know, we know---you're a great driver, and you've never been in an accident. 

But here's the thing---unexpected events happen. If you don't opt for a solid insurance plan, you could end up paying big time. 

What if you cause a serious accident and are held liable for the other driver's injuries and damages? You might even risk losing your personal assets. 

So don't be a slouch. Whether you're purchasing from a friend or a dealership, take care of it then and there. Make sure you choose a good enough policy to protect yourself if the worst should happen.