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NowCar Muscle Car Evolution

The Evolution of Muscle Cars Through the Years

Written By, Jordan R

Muscle cars. Those sexy machines that get our engines revving whenever we hear them rev up. Also known as pony cars, muscle cars, and some sports cars, all have one thing in common – back in the 70s, they were nothing compared to the cars of today. Today, there’s a lot of interesting technology in vehicles, from infotainment systems to virtual assistant connectivity. Before all these fancy elements were introduced, consumers were left to judge a vehicle on its performance, and that’s where muscle cars won out. The type of engineering that goes into a muscle car is second-to-none, and it’s one of the reasons vehicles like the Dodge Challenger will forever be burned into our minds.

All That Tech

No matter the vehicle, cars today all come with some level of technology. Each and every vehicle comes with an Engine Control Unit or (ECU). It’s an engine control module that controls a series of actions, nearly everything bout the car these days, and especially in muscle cars. Even these brawny vehicles need a little techie touch now and then to make them enjoyable for everyone, not just the driver. Speaking of which, Driver’s Aids have also been upgraded. Moving with technology, things like the spe=ed of the vehicle and the RPMs are also met with a central menu that allows consumers to scroll through a number of options to customize their vehicle. All muscle car enthusiasts love giving their vehicle a personal feel, such as a paint job or how it looks inside.

There are also all the creature comforts. Muscle cars may be focused on power and performance, but now all of them are built solely to sit one or two people. Sure, the legendary 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon may have been built to only sit two people, with the option to delete the passenger seat and race alone, but it was a limited-edition vehicle that quickly ended its run. Dodge may be able to design a factory-produced vehicle that can pop a wheelie, but the consumer base is full of more than just race car enthusiasts. Anything from leather upholstery to entertainment systems could be called a creature comfort, and to match the competition, many muscle car automakers are sure to add some technology and amenities to their vehicles to keep the driver and passengers happy.

Revolutionary Engineering

When the SRT Demon came out, one of the reasons it was so great was Transmission Braking and Reserve. Able to keep the engine revving up without sending power to the wheels is the main reason the SRT Demon could pop a wheelie at the starting line. Many developments have helped to push muscle cars to where they are today, including different forms of fuel injection for better performance and engine displacement for fitting in new and better technology that can increase this performance. Yeah, we’re talking about Turbochargers and Superchargers, the equipment responsible for the high air-fuel ratio muscle cars are known for. Both turbochargers and superchargers are bolted under the hood in front of engines and suck up as much air as possible to inject into the engine’s combustion chamber for a larger burst of power when fuel is ignited.

Along with these improvements, many muscle cars today come with a better suspension to not only perform well but provide a comfortable ride for all involved. Some vehicles come with handling packages for consumers to further increase performance, such as the Camaro in ZL1 1LE trim, or something as simple as adding bigger tires with better grip. Many sports and muscle cars also offer the option of all-wheel drive for total control in all situations. Also, although control may be the forefront of many muscle car enthusiasts, today, automatic transmission has become the standard to allow drivers to focus on other things than the gearbox. Some may be a little sad about the lack of manual shifting, but most automatic transmissions also offer the option of going manual with the click of a button.

Muscle cars, pony carts, and sports cars have come a long way, and we love them just the same. Do you like muscle cars? Shop for a muscle car online with NowCar today.

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