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The Best Entry-Level Luxury Cars for 2015 (Part 1)

Written By, NowCar Team

2015 Chrysler 200 - Best Entry-Level Luxury Car

Luxury cars used to be incredibly exclusive and only a lucky few could afford the tremendous prices. But in the last decades, automotive manufacturers have created new models to target consumers who were missing out. 
They've made some extraordinarily swanky options that people can afford with just a regular day job. Now, more than ever, it's possible to roll on up to the office in a head-turner that makes all your cubicle mates salivate. 
Owning a car that takes performance, looks, and pleasure to the max is the dream. With these lavish entry-level luxury cars, you can absolutely have it all.  

Chrysler 200

This midsize sedan is a game changer. Having undergone a complete redesign, you'd hardly recognize the 200. And it is by far the most exciting offering to come from Chrysler in a long time.   

The company even designed a state-of-the-art factory complete with robots and ruby-tipped inspection probes to produce the 200. Chrysler's aim with this new model was to up their ranking in the quality game, and boy did they pull it off.   
With a sleek, sporty body unlike any Chrysler you've seen before, the 200 has an extremely polished appearance. The interior is also quite refined; it's thoughtfully arranged for ease of use. And it has some very creative storage options including a center console that lifts right up.   
Not only did they nail the looks, but they also hit a home run with driving experience. The 200 rocks up to 295 horsepower to keep its owner entertained.   
However, it doesn't gulp down gas either. It gets a nice 36 miles per gallon on the highway, giving it competitive fuel economy to boot. Its safety features also make it a practical way to go.   
With an array of the latest tools to prevent accidents, the 200 comes with capabilities like Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Parking Assistance.   
The whole package comes in with one of the lowest price stickers in its class. It starts at $21,700, making it less expensive than a Toyota Camry.    

Mercedes-Benz CLA250 

Starting at $29,900, this model gives drivers the Mercedes-Benz brand name and all the opulence that comes with it. The CLA250 has seen such an incredible response in the U.S. market that it has been challenging for the company to keep up with production.   
It's designed to be exceptionally aerodynamic and has the lowest coefficient of drag of any car in production. That helps it conserve gas, and it makes the ride remarkably smooth and quiet. It's a bit smaller than the rest of the Mercedes lineup, yet it's surprisingly spacious and comfortable. And all of the interior finery definitely spells out luxury.   
In addition, Mercedes came out with the new Sport Package Plus which not only enhances performance but also adds a few racy touches like a hint of red across the front.   
With the CLA250, you can indulge yourself without having to clear your savings account.

Lexus IS 

Lexus is the name when it comes to luxury, and the IS wears its badge proudly. It certainly has the signature Lexus look, but it's also gotten the new, more aggressive design treatment that their lineup is enjoying.   
A wide grille, chic headlights, and distinctive lines make the IS one stylish luxury sedan. Plus Lexus has been focusing on performance, so the ride is sure to please.   
Its V6 pumps out 204 horsepower, and it comes equipped with several performance driving modes to choose from.    
The IS' interior is strikingly refined. The arrangement is intuitive, and the Lexus Enform system gives drivers convenient access to everything they need.   
You can even use the Enform app to lock and unlock your car doors from your phone. It also gives you the ability to start the engine remotely, adjust the climate, or locate your vehicle in large parking areas.   
Adding to its already enticing nature, the IS is surprisingly affordable given how much it has to offer. It starts at $36,550 with a variety of add-ons available.    
The Lexus IS is an entertaining car that will definitely draw some attention.