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Technology When Buying A New Car Online

Written By, NowCar Team

Ford Technology In Cars

Technology and cars seem to go hand in hand. The more technology advances, the more automotive companies feel the pressure to keep up. These emerging automotive technologies are innovative, convenient, and even make driving safer.

Ford Motor Company is no exception to the rule and has been finding impressive ways to keep up on changing technological trends. Whether you are buying a new car online, or head into a physical dealership, one thing is for certain: in-vehicle technology is important.

How Ford is Changing the Way We Park

The Ford Smart Mobility Tour was completed this week in Los Angeles, giving automotive journalists the opportunity to test-drive some of the most advanced driver-assist technologies on the market.

Los Angeles, California is notorious for scary driving conditions. In a large city that is known worldwide for bad traffic, Ford set out to show off its most impressive safety technologies.

The market research firm, Penn Schoen Berland, found that 26 percent of Los Angeles residents listed backed their vehicle onto a busy street, as a primary fear. Ford helped alleviate those fears, by demonstrating its driver-assist technologies on the 2015 Ford Edge crossover.

Drivers were able to back into a parking space, and parallel park, without touching the steering wheel of the new Ford vehicle. Advanced sensors on the Ford Edge indicated to the driver when to brake and accelerate while maneuvering itself perfectly into the parking spot.

In a city that fears backing out onto a busy street, this technology is embraced.

Los Angeles isn’t the only city in the United States to have residents who fear to get into car accidents. People throughout America struggle with parallel parking, reversing, and fitting into tight parking spots. Ford and other car manufacturers are coming up with ways to help drivers feel less stress, and enjoy driving more.

Speaking of Less Stress…

Having your car assist you into a tight parking spot is a nice feature for many, but Ford is currently testing out a new technology that may come in handy for many more drivers. The feature uses ultrasonic sensors on the exterior of a vehicle, and can sense available parking spots.

Once a parking spot is sensed, the data for the spot is sent to a cloud-based storage system, that can be accessed through an app. The app would allow Ford drivers to get a real-time map of available parking spaces in their area.

Whether you live in a heavily populated city, or simply want a close spot at the grocery store - this technology could be a big help for many drivers.