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Study Shows Young People Want to Buy Cars Online

Written By, NowCar Team

We know that, despite popular belief, Millennials actually do love cars and driving. The idea that the rebellious, faceless Millennial hates driving came from a stereotype that paints Millennials as the polar opposite of previous generations.

Essentially, there was a myth that all Millennials shared rides, hailed Uber cabs from their smartphones, and walked. But in fact, Millennials are driving a lot! They also buy more cars than Gen X-ers.

A 2014 report from J.D. Power and Associates said Millennials made up 24 percent of new car sales, while Gen X-ers only made up 24 percent.

Mobile Making Waves in Auto Retail

According to a study by AutoTrader, half of Millennial car buyers used a mobile device during the process. Even with a huge increase in smartphone and tablet adoption, it shouldn’t be surprising that finding new cars for sale in Sanford, FL is easier online.

The increased mobile usage simply makes dealer inventory more accessible, and has made consumers more savvy than ever. In fact, car buyers are only visiting an average of 1.6 dealerships in person before making a purchase. This is down from five dealerships just a decade ago.

Avoiding Unnecessary Dealership Visits

With the ability to check prices online, 80 percent of car buyers are surfing an average of 10 dealership websites before making a decision.  Shoppers do all of the research on brands and models ahead of time, even foregoing test drives in many cases.

Dealerships have a stigma of being sales-heavy environments and car buyers are trying to avoid that at all costs. They want to come into the process completely informed, and want nothing but the best deal possible.

Unfortunately, dealerships can only do so much online before the shopper has to come in to complete the order.

Complete Online Car Buying is the Future

NowCar is one of many services available today that offer car buyers a completely online car buying solution. Launching this year, buyers will be able to research, build vehicles, browse inventory, secure financing, and set delivery for a vehicle without ever setting foot on a dealership lot.

As more people start to realize the convenience, and savings, that can be had by buying a car online, they’ll also start skipping the dealership to do business on sites like NowCar.

This is simply the next evolution of car buying!