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NowCar Stellantis MyTasks Ram Professional

Stellantis and Ram Launch Services for Commercial Fleet Managers

Written By, Jordan R

With all of the attention towards passenger cars and personal mobility, consumers have many options, features, and after-market accessories available to them when it comes to buying their dream car. As technology continues to evolve and be introduced into the auto market, there are things we can do we couldn’t dream of 20 years ago – such as having eyes in the back of our head with a rearview camera, or connect smartphones to and project the home screen onto a digital touchscreen. It’s a great time to own a car, but what about commercial services that have a whole fleet to manage? Stellantis and Ram Truck are here to help, launching new tools for commercial fleets – MyTasks and Ram Professional.

Not too long ago, Ram introduced Ram Professional, a full-service commercial division of the company aimed at providing consumers with mobility solutions that can be very valuable for commercial business owners, or any kind of business that has a fleet of vehicles on the road at any time, like delivery trucks, ride hailing platforms (Uber and Lyft), and public transportation – it’s not all 18-wheelers out here. Ready to launch in 2024, Ram Professional takes a 360-degree approach to provide a suite of professional services to its consumers, and offers a variety of vehicle models, including new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), such as the new Ram ProMaster EV, Ram 1500 REV, Ram 1500 Ramcharger, Ram Heavy Duty trucks, and Ram Chassis Cab models.

It seems the idea wasn’t just limited to Ram Truck, as another project was launched by Stellantis as a whole. Called “MyTasks”, it’s an industry first tool for fleet managers that rely on real-time communication with drivers active in the field to provide task assignments and get status updates. Able to perform such tasks via the vehicle’s built-in infotainment unit, this takes drivers off of their phones to speak with their fleet manager, making for safer driving with fewerdistractions, and less stress for the company in terms of budget. Less money spent on aftermarket accessories means more money can be put back into the company to improve trucks and other mobile solutions in play.

“A breakthrough tool like MyTasks is the result of when we put our customers’ needs above all else…We know that our B2B customers value efficiency and safety for their drivers and their fleets and we are using the capabilities built into our vehicles to cut down on the potential distractions and deliver key information to make their job easier.” - Stellantis Chief Software Officer Yves Bonnefont

It’s really simple. All a fleet manager or dispatcher needs to do to assign tasks to certain vehicles or groups of vehicles, such as a change in schedules or assigning a new task, they just need to access an online portal. Then, for example, after assigning a new task, a pop-up message notification appears in the vehicle’s infotainment screen. The driver can also send destinations to the vehicle’s navigation system for quick and easy routing and provide the status of each task as they’re completed. We assume voice commands may even be possible to keep hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media