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NowCar Rivian R1T UI Dashboard

Sneak Peek at Rivian RT1 Controls

Written By, Jordan R

Electric vehicles (EVs), also known as battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are quickly becoming the next big thing in the automotive industry. It seems like every automotive brand out there is finally adding an electric or electrified model to their lineup. The large problem currently facing automakers, and not just those looking into EV development, is the semiconductor chip shortage currently plaguing electronics in 2021. These little bits are necessary for a lot of the features found in automobiles, especially those with hybrid functions. One startup is getting huge investments to face the challenge, and the Rivian RT1 EV Truck is close to completion, with details being leaked ever more frequently.

The latest information on the Rivian RT1 comes from some good ol’ fashion spy shots. Yes, sometimes a professional, someone who has someone on the inside, or even an amateur paparazzo often finds a way and leaks sneak previews of a vehicle on the internet. This leak about the electric truck from Rivian is thanks to a lucky neighbor who was quick on the draw with a camera. We’ve gotten a few looks at the xterior, and some neat news about the Rivian RT1 coming with a removable roof like the popular Jeep off-road automaker brand. Now we get a peek at the user interface and dashboard controls.

Well now doesn’t that just look futuristic? Based on what we can see here, it would seem that all of the controls for the Rivian RT1 will be available through a touchscreen display. No exact measurements yet but it looks like a nice size. On the left-hand side, like many vehicles these days, there are a number of driving models for consumers to choose from to find something that fits their driving style i.e. settings for comfort, fuel efficiency, or better response and control in Sport mode.

Made to be able to do it all, the RT1 also has an off-road mode, suggesting that this EV is designed for some adventure. Whether or not this Rivian EV Truck was recently testing that is hard to tell, given the current settings on the bottom of the screen. RIDE has been set to “stiff”,  Stability is on “reduced”, and it’s hard to make out, but it looks like Suspension is on “low”. We would assume someone doing some rock crawling would prefer some stability, and given that the Break Regeneration feature was on “high” and the driving mode is on “Sport”, perhaps this was a test of how well the RT1 performs while also recharging the battery for the electric motor.

Like many EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) today, there will most likely be several other driving modes that affect how much power is used, just like the above mentioned feature that controls how much energy is reabsorbed when applying the brakes. Many of the other icons are a bit hard to make out, but these images show some blurry ones like a clock, WiFi signal, ambient temperature, and the passenger airbag notification icon. In the image at the top, we can also see a heads-up display, also a touchscreen, above the steering wheel. Another neat feature showing up in automobiles, but it looks a little tall and obscuring in the above image.

Here’s hoping the next leak is about the official release date. Rivian was set to produce the truck and start deliveries in June, but the global chip shortage may even cause this gungho startup some delays. Keep up with EV tech and new EV models when you follow us on NowCar social media.

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