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Sneak Peak Ahead of Dodge 2024 EV Arrival

Written By, Brad R

Dodge has collected many customers because of their muscle cars offering tremendous buyers speed and unmatched power within its muscle cars. But, we relay to our readers if they know the coming changes to the Dodge brand; how many know they will offer a muscle EV? NowCar has learned the Dodge Challenger will no longer carry a manual Challenger option; but that will be announced formally by the brand at some point. The true glimpse of what to expect is almost upon us for the 2024 Dodge muscle EV lineup, as production would be released in just over a year. The sizing of these vehicles should be around the same, as speculates the vehicle will be larger due to its power output and charging requirements. The eMuscle, as they refer to it as, is the popular topic both online and what we hear from customers every day in 2023.

Details So Far On Muscle EV Horsepower 

The heavy noise and bets being made on the street for the Dodge muscle car should still offer somewhere around 400-650 horsepower and the top of the line SRT Hellcat trim is possibly changed with the EV capabilities arriving for the brand. We don't have the exact figures, but perhaps as little as $55,000 or $60,000 MSRP is the expectation for this. Dodge is expected to have as many as “six all-electric vehicles presently in the styling studio in Auburn Hills, Michigan.” There is also news that “at least one, but probably several plug-in hybrids” are slated to be created. Whether this is concept vehicles or the turning of a new leaf for the Dodge brand, the report from The Detroit Bureau has Dodge making large changes. While this news is nothing new, we now have some more light shed on what is anticipated to change for Dodge.

Dodge and the muscle brand’s growth over the last few half decade in sales that should top those lofty pre-pandemic figures reached in 2019. Dodge had started to bring the focus away from creating wildly strong horsepower vehicles like the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock, with the exception of the “Last Call” limited production run. However, there was a promise to continue the SRT (Street Racing Technology) vehicles for the near future or the stunning 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170. 

Is Everyone Stunned By Dodge Efforts?

While these are the most impressive vehicles for any owner to want, they aren’t meeting the goal of what the future holds for the Dodge brand and its EV intentions. Unless that person is Jay Leno, who loves the new 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170. Count on us to provide our readers with the new details that will make them embrace and crave these new vehicles coming from Dodge. 

We are convinced the Dodge brand is set to offer a slew of exceptional vehicles that are electrified and groundbreaking, not to mention award-winning, but for now, the latest news is focused on what we have today.

Treat Yourself This Summer!

In 2023, families are hoping to be able to enjoy the perks of a family vehicle that is modern and accessible. With loads of high-end technology to appease the young ones and the perks added to make passengers feel secure and safe, talk with our team about how to ensure the right fit. 

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