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Buy a car online with NowCar and skip the dealership

Skip The Hassle, Buy a New Car Online Without Going To a Dealership

Written By, Chloe L.

There’s a reason we started NowCar and that’s to give people an honest, hassle-free, transparent car shopping, buying and leasing experience. NowCar is a comprehensive website where users can research hundreds of makes and models, and then buy, finance or lease a vehicle online and then have it delivered to their door.

The entire process is online, so the customer has total control of their experience. We have no salesmen and there are no tricky sales tactics, instead we have associates who are available to help you get through the car shopping or leasing process if you need help.

So even if you might be a little skeptical before buying or leasing a car online, before you step foot into a dealership, read through this small fraction of the negative Google reviews from dealerships across Florida.These are all real reviews from real customers about real dealerships.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in Jacksonville, Florida

1 star
"Holy cow! What a bunch of liars and thieves!  They sell you a vehicle, then call weeks later, saying come sign a new contract, at a higher percentage rate. Then tell you that you didn't actually get their financing and threaten to repo the vehicle if you don't give it back.  This is after they solicit financing from a dozen finance companies, all at once....damaging your credit rating. NASTY tactics!!

Oh, and refusing to send the new tag!!  I guess they're holding it hostage.

The company I work for has over 1500 employees. Word spreads fast!"

Auto mall in Pinellas Park, Florida

1 star
“To start with all the staff were nice including owner. As in buying the car was a fast easy process after that was said and done 2 days later I had to go back in recent paperwork all the numbers changed including payment. with in those two days car inherited a water leak from the water pump so I took her back that night we did paperwork. So they took it to the dealer the next day and from there on out the runaround in lies about what's going on with my car I have not see  my car in 7 days and have no idea when I will because all I hear everyday is it will be done tomorrow”

Kia dealership in Orlando, Florida

1 star
“I bought a car from this dealership back in December. The salesman Devon was really great, however, the finance department was absolutely horrible. I dealt with Farid Nabrasse in the finance department for my paper work where he asked me if I wanted to purchase a maintance package for my car. I made him aware that I did not live in Florida and that if I were to purchase this package it would need to work in Indiana where I live. He assured me that it worked at any kia dealership as long as I had the booklet with me on the time of maintenance. Come to find out this is not true when I took it into my local kia dealership to be serviced. I have now been trying to get in contact with the General Manger for 4 months awaiting my refund that he told me he would give back to be because that is not the way they do business there. I would highly recommend not purchasing a car at this location the people here are dishonest and don't take responsibility for their actions when to wrong someone.”

Chevrolet dealership in Tampa, Florida

1 star
“My husband and I live 2 hours away and looked on Ferman Cherolet website on 8-4-17 and found 2 vehicles we liked. Call and made an appt with Nathaniel Auvil and confirmed pricing. Drove down to Tampa on Saturday 8-5-17. Now we are their pricing has changed. 1st theirs a glitch in the system then GM screwed up on pricing. 1st VIN# 3GCPCREC7HG303099 Ferman price was $27,978 with 92 miles pics posted. We get their truck is $43,875 with 730 miles. 2nd 2GNAXJEV6J6171703 Ferman price was $21,578 now it's $31,635. Not a good way to get customers in the door. Buyer really beware cause its NOT RIGHT”

Toyota dealership in Melbourne, Florida

1 star
"When into the dealership to just browse vehicle options since we were looking for three vehicles to purchase and unsure on what trims we wanted. The sales rep was new but he did a good job. When it came down to looking at purchase price of vehicles the dealers number were high and when the sales rep asked for assistance from the gentlemen who was working the numbers for the deal came over did not introduce himself and acted liked we were a waste of his time from the start. When asked the reason why we did not agree with numbers I simply explained that on a lending standpoint (which I work in) the values of these vehicles (per nada) would already be considered over value. He then argued that these are the true values and this is the bottom line . We asked what the hold back percentage was on the car and he stated their is none but clearly on the dealer invoice shown to us it stated the hold back amount (mislead or lied to either which way inaccurate information was given to us). Before I could address anything else he walked away with an attitude never to even come back to apologize or even check on the progress. The sales rep apologized on his behalf which he shouldn't have had to do but he even saw the disrespect and level of customer service we received and felt the need to apologize. If I could put a 0 star rating I would but it will not allow me to."

Mitsubishi dealership in Fort Myers, Florida

1 star
“Disgusting customer service.

Don't trust their word. Don't let them run your credit until you will be a 100% agree with the price OTD, otherwise they'll start telling you they lost a paper with all the numbers, they didn't count taxes e.t.c.

If you like the car but still want to go and check other places don't come back because everything what your sales representative told you before you left is a lie.

Here is what happen. My family came there around noon on Friday. Sales representative was very loud and aggressive. He was pushing my sister to buy the car right now even we notify him from the beginning that we are going to check all the deals around. then he gave us really a good price but at the same time was yelling NOW OR NEVER. when we are not buying it right now he said OK, go check other places and that his offer valid until 8 pm.

So we went shopping and decide that the price was really good.

We came back at 6.30 pm and they run my sister's credit.

and were holding us until 7.30 without any information.

Our sales representative was talking with another customers and just walking around but didn't come to us.

At 7.30 he told us that he shred the paperwork we did in the afternoon and he doesn't remember the price. I told him what was the price because all my shopping day was based on this price. when he came back the price was $2000 more then the original deal.

We said no and I told him that there are no deal if the price is not the same as he told us in the afternoon. He left and came back with the price $1000 more than the original deal. I said no because its still not the right price. He stat looking for excuses and said that every day he has some discount allowance and that day it was over. I said we can come back tomorrow if the price will be the same. Obviously he found a thousand excuses and said its impossible. After I repeat that there are no deal if the price is not the same as he gave us in the afternoon he just said: "Ok, bye than".

This is not the only 1 Mitsubishi dealer around, not the biggest one, and definitely without manners and customer service.”

Hyundai dealership in Sarasota, Florida

1 star
“Purchased a vehicle from here for my Car Rental Business. Sales process took well over 9 hours from start to finish. I would purchase more vehicles from them if process would speed up. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.”

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Lake Park, Florida

1 star
“Today I stopped by with car buying (not looking) on my mind, to discover they no longer have the prices posted on any of their cars. A salesman walks over and said "we're not legally required to post them because they're on our website". It's 93 degrees in the sun, and the wife and I are standing with our hands on the car, ready to buy, but the dufus couldn't even find the price on his phone. I told him "see this van I drove in here? I bought it right here one year ago when I saw it. I liked the vehicle, I liked the price, that's how buyers buy". Then we drove off never to return. Any dealership that doesn't post their prices, nor can even find the price may as well just shut their doors!!”

Convinced yet? Dealerships are known for making the car shopping experience a hassle. It’s how they get better deals for themselves rather than their customers. Of course, each of the dealerships we included also had positive reviews, but this is a just a reminder that dealerships, no matter where you are or what brand, are not always in the business of customer service or convenience. Shop with NowCar, we promise it will be unlike any other car buying experience you have had.