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NowCar Buying Online Holiday Deals

Shopping Online with NowCar Deals

Written By, Jordan R.

The holidays are coming up, and with them are the shopping deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then many other holiday sales follow. Some of us out there are willing to stand in line or simply barrel through a crowd of people to get the best deals. Many people are shopping for deals online, and this year, it’s not just for electronics and appliances. Now, you can shop for a car online at NowCar and get a great deal.

At NowCar, we don’t have a need for a Black Friday sale, or really any sale for that matter. We don’t host special holiday deals because every vehicle on our site is already priced low and is a great deal. Shopping online for a car cuts out a lot of the overhead expenses such as sales personnel and sales managers, which means all those dealership fees and add-ons disappear*.

In addition to savings, there’s also the NowCar car buying process. After creating an account, customers can fill out a credit application to get exact payments for the car they are shopping for. We perform a soft credit check that doesn’t affect someone’s credit score, and if wary, the credit application is completely optional. Consumers with good or excellent credit scores are more likely to qualify for lower monthly car payments or a more affordable lease payment, though.

NowCar also has a unique rebates questionnaire. Alongside our low prices, the rebates questionnaire can drop the price of a car even further, regardless of the MSRP, based on the answers to the questionnaire and applicable rebates to those answers. Customers will see a price drop in the total MSRP of the vehicle that reflects their responses to the questionnaire and the total amount of eligible rebates will also be displayed.

With all these ways NowCar saves consumers money, we don’t need to buy into the holiday hype and sales. Our prices are low all-year-round. Ready to get your deal? Shop for a car online at NowCar.

*The delivery is free, but the destination fee still applies seeing as how we pay the manufacturer to send the vehicle to our prep facility for the final changes.
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