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SEMA 2019 Brings Out the Best of the Automotive Industry

Written By, Brad R

The SEMA show in Las Vegas has run every year since 1963 bringing thousands of companies, innovators, media members, and fans to witness all the latest aftermarket manufacturers and new concepts made by car brands from all over. The 2019 SEMA show is no different, this year offering over 3,000 new products and over 2,400 companies that will be marketing and networking with their products and teams representing. SEMA gives out awards to different vehicles in a variety of categories, including SUV of the Year and Truck of the Year. This year, the Chevrolet Silverado took the award for the Truck of the Year. The Jeep Wrangler won the 4x4/SUV of the Year. The Car of the Year belonged to the Ford Mustang

What Makes SEMA Special?

The best and brightest of the automotive industry have come with fantastic concepts and we’re ready to cover the latest examples of engineering wonders for our readers. 162,000 or more guests went into the 2019 show. There are many eyes looking for a wonderful concept vehicle. A good concept vehicle has to introduce something never seen before or radically different. We admire companies that look to push the boundaries of technology or create a marvelous looking vehicle. Over 1,500 entries and these are our top three favorites!

“The SEMA Show is where the newest and most innovative aftermarket products are seen first.SEMA Show exhibitors are the innovators and experts who drive the $45 billion industry. Knowing what they believe are the best vehicles for accessorization helps to forecast trends,” said Mike Spagnola, SEMA VP of OEM & Product Development. 

Our Favorite New 2019 SEMA Concepts

Chevrolet’s “E-10”

Have you ever seen such a cool vehicle? Chevrolet introduced its very own electric pickup, but not just any EV. This concept, named the E-10, is a hot rod pickup truck that looks incredibly sleek and polished. Inside this Chevy, concept are two electric batteries that power this vehicle. The exact battery found in the impressive Bolt EV has been doubled up and added to this hot rod EV. 

Ram Rebel 1500 LowDownRam has no problem pulling out all the stops for SEMA. They have dressed up a new Ram 1500 Rebel with increased ride height, up two-inches and transformed a Longhorn trim into this revamped pickup that adds a signature Mopar “brass monkey” wheels and suspension lowered by two inches. The Mopar bed cover includes five-inch exhaust tips painted glossy black and looks fantastic.

Chevrolet LT1 Convertible Concept

A lush looking Camaro that looks like it appeared from the future has stolen the show with its oversized wheels, clean white body color with a pair of red stripes that go across the hood. This is a wonderful concept that includes a cold air intake system,  red-painted rear brake calipers with Brembo brakes, and a dual-mode exhaust. Luxurious with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this is a top-notch vehicle found at SEMA 2019.

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