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Nowcar Rivian First-Impressions

Rivian RT1 Consumer First Impressions

Written By, Jordan R

Remember Rivian, the electric vehicle company that built one of the world’s first all-electric trucks, if not the only one currently out there? Competition is on the rise, with Jeep and Ram aiming to release electric versions of their own models, with the electric Ram 1500 due in 2023, but Rivian made huge waves as the first. Not only is their RT1 the first all-electric truck available on the market, but Rivian really outdid themselves with this truck, adding a removable roof, a built-in kitchen hidden in the truck body, with all the necessities, and to really round out the on-the-go feel of adventure, a pop-up tent for camping in the RT1 truck. RT1 orders started delivery in January 2022, and now that consumers are getting behind the wheel, automotive publications want to know what they have to say.

One consumer, going by the name of Cameron, is absolutely thrilled about his Rivian RT1 experience, from the buying process to driving the truck. The build of the electric pickup truck feels solid, even with a somewhat hollow point where the built-in kitchen fits. Hardware and software is becoming more and more prevalent, and we saw hints of this back in 2021 with a sneak peek at Rivian RT1 controls found on the center console screen, a touchscreen display that offers more control and options, like several driving modes that allow drivers to fiddle with comfort, fuel efficiency, and control. Made for also going off-road, there were some choices for stability, suspension, and regenerative braking.

There is also a custom infotainment system Rivian put together. This is one disadvantage, since a lot of people love the Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto capabilities of basically every other vehicle on the market, but maybe one day this will change with Over-the-Air (OTA) updates. Regardless, the consumer claimed that the infotainment system was so fascinating, it rivaled the competition, namely Tesla.

The Rivian RT1 has a “dog mode” that leaves the A/C on when a dog is left in the car - which is really just cruel, people – but it’s there in case you plan to be in-and-out of your destination. A car turned off and without A/C gets hot, fast, in mere minutes. The Rivian RT1 also comes with an interesting bit of software called “Driver +”. Standard in every vehicle, it’s the closest thing to hands-free driving in a consumer retail vehicle – aside from garage projects that we’ve seen before, like the college student who turned their 2016 Honda Civic into a self-driving vehicle using code on the internet. Driver+ is like a safety suite, and takes control of certain things, like steering, adjusting speed, and changing lanes on command. This system comes equipped with two ultrasonic sensors, ten exterior cameras, five radars, and high precision GPS. Regardless, it’s not a replacement for driving responsibly.

Functional and well put together, this consumer was very happy with their purchase, and we’re sure to hear more as the rest of the orders are delivered. With all this competition brewing, we’re definitely interested to see what Ram produces. Stellantis brands may be a little late to the game, but according to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, this just gives their brands an advantage. EVs and electric trucks may not be released until 2023 or 2024, but these same brands can adjust their specs and improve performance based on what’s missing when compared to the competition.

Well, that’s good news for Rivian. Want to keep up with EV development and cool car technology? We cover it all on NowCar, and you can keep up with us when you follow us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Rivian