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NowCar Different Age Groups Cars

The Right Cars for Different Age Groups

Written By, Jordan R.

Ready for another NowCar round up? Lately we’ve been putting more focus on our consumers with a sprinkle of news. It’s summertime, people are going on vacation, getting ready for the impending school year, and others are looking for a change. At NowCar, we have something for everyone and every occasion. This round, we’re looking at the different vehicles one may get at a certain age.

Teens and Early 20s

When it comes to late teenage years and college students, there are plenty of choices out there. Aside from hand-me downs or buying a car from one’s parents, it comes down to what the vehicle will be used for. If looking to be able to travel more than the average commute, getting a fuel efficient vehicle like the Mitsubishi Mirage would be an excellent choice, and hatchbacks are becoming ever more popular every year. Of course, when it comes to the college kids, the Kia Soul always comes to mind.

The Millennial generation and thereafter are a lot more eco-friendly than those prior. A hybrid or PHEV, although a tad more on the expensive side, could really do some good for minimizing someone’s carbon footprint. Kia Motors has many green vehicles, such as the Kia Optima PHEV. Just fight the urge to get something edgy like a Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Camaro - especially if it’s your/their first car. Seeing a Dodge Charger dinged up would definitely be a shame.


College has come and gone, we’ve entered the real world and are discovering what we want out of life. Maybe you found that special someone you want to start a family with? Mazel tov! FCA has many vehicles to choose from, such as the Chrysler Pacifica, pretty much made for families. Of course, there’s the classic Dodge Grand Caravan, always a soccer parent winner.

Perhaps kids aren’t in the mix for you, and that’s okay. Not everyone wants to be tied down and jump into huge responsibilities after college. They want adventure! What better way than to find it in a Jeep®? Honestly, it would be hard for us to pick a single model, they’re all made for going off road and having a little fun. If looking to get a little dirty, we’d say the Jeep Wrangler because you can wash it out and then drain the extra water via a plug in the cabin floor. If looking to keep it mostly classy while still able to get a little crazy, the Jeep Cherokee or Patriot may be more your jam.


You’ve had your fun, the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, or they’re always busy in school. Aside from a career, where does that leave you? Most people like to keep busy, and that’s where men turn into a handyman and people start DIY projects. Know what’s great for those? Ram and Chevrolet trucks. With the many models able to haul tens of thousands of pounds, a Ram 1500 will be perfect for carrying wood, equipment, and other supplies for that next big project. Or take a Chevrolet Silverado to do some heavy lifting.

If still on the road but winding down from all that outdoor adventure, SUVs and crossovers tend to become popular around this time, kids or no kids. The Kia Sportage is a nice choice, and if looking to go green we highly suggest the Kia Niro hybrid crossover - it has all the goodies at an affordable price, as well as amazing fuel economy. Of course there’s always the Dodge Journey, the name says it all. Life is a journey, may as well enjoy it.


You did your part, the kids are off to college or retirement is around the corner. You gotta treat yourself now and then, and now more than ever. It’s time to live comfortably, maybe even get a little luxury. You’ve earned it, haven’t you? Last week we covered a couple of vehicles for those looking to live a little high class, but those are just a few options. Either way, our article on Luxury Vehicles for the High End Driver is a good place to start.

How did we do? Do these sound like the kind of vehicles you want to drive, whatever age group you fall into? Let us know on social media!

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