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Uber and Ride Sharing

Ridesharing Growth in 2016 and Future Predictions

Written By, Harley R

As 2016 comes to an end and we reflect on the year, there is one thing that stands out to us in the automotive industry. It is interesting to see how much and how quickly ride sharing businesses have taken off in the last few years, specifically in 2016. We can almost guarantee if you speak to a friend or family member about ride sharing they have used these services one time or another, or know someone who has. We expect this trend to continue to grow and thrive in 2017.

Types of ride sharing

There are of course the two most well-known ridesharing services, Uber and Lyft. However, don’t forget about traditional taxi services, and other services including Zipcar and Zimride. Services like Uber and Lyft allow you to order a car to pick you up via a cell phone app. It is super easy, convenient, and priced well, especially in comparison to taxis. There is even an option to share a ride with another person and or group of people nearby to cut the cost even more.

Then, there is Zimride, which is a program started by Enterprise Rent-a-car. Enterprise uses social networking to connect people with others nearby who may be driving a similar way and sets them up with a car pool. The payouts are all done through Paypal. When making your profile you even include things like music preferences, so you can find a ride and maybe meet someone with similar tastes! Great idea.

Zipcar is a little different from Uber, a taxi, or Zimride, because you are the one who uses the car. This service is great for those people who don’t need to drive a lot, but occasionally need a car to get from point A to point B. Think of it like a gym membership - you pay for access to a car and whenever you need it, it’s there.

All you do is sign up, pay a membership fee, and then whenever you need a car, you pick up your Zipcar from the nearest location. There are plenty of Zipcar locations around the bigger cities in Florida including Tampa, West Palm, Jacksonville and Orlando. The good news is, the Zipcar plan also comes with comprehensive insurance, so no need to purchase your own. Fast, easy, and affordable considering the alternatives like a rental car company or purchasing/leasing a vehicle you won’t use much.

Benefits to ride sharing

There are so many benefits to ridesharing services, which is probably why the growth of these companies has been so huge. Whether you plan to use Uber or Lyft or any other ride share service you may find, the benefits are almost identical. Check them out.

  • The environmental benefits are obvious. By now we know how much fuel emissions harm the environment. Ride sharing services, just like car pooling, allows for fewer drivers on the road, which in return means less fuel emissions. If more people shared rides, the environment could potentially be a lot less harmed by vehicles.
  • Cost savings are another huge benefit to ride sharing. Sure, you have to pay for rides. However, it is when you need it. Which means you could save on gas money, as well as the price of a vehicle if you really don’t drive a lot and could use a service like Zipcar just when needed.
  • The safe rides benefit is another big one. Using ride services on a Friday night instead of drinking and driving could save lives. Sometimes having a DD doesn’t work out, we get it. Which is why getting a car, with a sober driver, just by pulling up an app, is huge!
  • Traveling benefits are also awesome. Instead of parking at the airport on holidays or for a weekend away, why not take an Uber to the airport, bus station or train station? Save on the high parking costs, trust your car is safe in your garage at home, and don’t be stressed driving around for 20 minutes looking for a spot!

These are just some of the many benefits of ridesharing. Which is why we expect the trend to continue growing in 2017, and maybe even have new and different services. Uber is looking into autonomous cars. So, who really knows what ridesharing will be like this time next year!

Being a driver

Maybe you like what you heard and want to be part of the growing industry. The best part of companies like Uber and Lyft is it is relatively easy to get a job, and you make your own schedule. You can literally work where you want, when you want, and however much you want. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

The application process is different depending on the service you are applying to. Generally, you go on the website, submit a short application, and give references that can vouch you are a good driver. Then, pass the car inspection portion and a background check, and you will be a driver before you know it!
Need a new vehicle to be a driver that you know will pass the inspection? Check out NowCar. Find your perfect car, build it how you want it, and have it delivered to you for no fee, without having to step foot in the stressful dealership.