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Reasons to Buy a Car Online from NowCar

Reasons to Buy a Car Online from NowCar

Written By, Jordan R.

Ah, the joys of online shopping. When you shop and buy a car online, you can compare between retailers, do the research to get exactly what you want, and best of all, there is no salesperson pressuring you to buy so they can make a commission. Those are just a few of the reasons that NowCar is revolutionizing the car shopping and buying experience. Curious? Keep reading.


Competitive Pricing

NowCar’s prices are super competitive and most local dealerships can’t offer deals on leasing or buying a car online like we can. By shifting our business paradigm to the Internet, NowCar doesn’t have overhead costs and the many fees dealerships tack on to make a profit. Moreover, we strive to show buyers the savings they receive with NowCar by showing them a comparison of our price to Edmunds True Market Value pricing. Plus, NowCar operates on the Internet and has no specific home base, so we can deliver our cars to locations across Florida free of charge.

No Sales Gimmicks and No Pressure

Car salespeople have all these little tricks to not only get customers looking but to lock them into a purchase . In case you missed it, our detailed post on their tricky sales techniques is here. To put it simply, once a car salesperson has your attention, they try to reel you in like a fish and will take up all of your time while they’re at it. NowCar doesn’t want our customers to feel pressured into buying from us. We want to offer shoppers all of the tools needed for research and what they want at a great price. If we’ve done that making a sale is just a plus.


Isn’t it nice to be able to shop from the comfort of your home? Put on your slippers, make some coffee or tea, and just browse through a selection of the newest cars, trucks, and SUVs online. With NowCar, you don’t need to go to a dealership and walk through an intimidating car lot stuffed with hundreds of cars. You can seriously shop and buy a car online. We give you a car shopping experience that no other new car dealer can offer. Not only are our prices competitive, but you can also customize your future ride to your liking!


With NowCar, you can customize your vehicle however you like. This isn’t just some “pick your paint job” scheme. Our customers tell us what car features they are looking for and we show them the vehicles that have those features. Or, are you more of a grease monkey than the average customer? NowCar customers can take complete control and pick and choose through styles, colors, and a range of options from entertainment packages to the suspension and brakes to find their dream car.

NowCar Provides All Possible Rebates

NowCar has a unique and revolutionary "Rebate Questionnaire". Read and answer the questions listed, and we'll show you your price and payment including all the rebates you qualify for on over 6 million possible vehicles. Rebates can average over $3,000 or as much as $10,000 in savings! This includes military, conquest, loyalty, college graduate, bonus cash, regional incentives, and more! You’re not just buying a car from us - you’re also saving money with us.

Large Selection

This is the day and age of choices - just ask any millennial. So NowCar has a huge selection of car brands to offer our customers, as well as a variety of makes and models! Because our business is online, we aren’t limited to a lot full of inventory. You shouldn’t get talked into buying a car just because it’s sitting on the lot. You should get the car you want and the car you built - period.

Smart Buying

Smart phones, smart homes, smart … buying? Maybe it’s been done before, eCommerce sites are always suggesting items a customer may be interested in given their purchase history. But at NowCar, we go a step further and work with our customers to let them know what is available and what is possible while customizing their car. Thanks to our programming team and the many algorithms at play, if a customer wants a hybrid car for example, our build page will automatically filter out features that can’t be configured with a hybrid vehicle so our customers know up front what combinations of features are and are or are not possible when selecting a hybrid engine.