Ram Hints at Competing in the SUV Market

Written By, NowCar Team


Following October’s conference call discussing the company’s quarterly financial results, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ CEO, Sergio Marchionne, indicated that Ram may have future plans to add a new large SUV to its vehicle portfolio.

Ram, which currently only produces large trucks and vans, sees the opportunity to rival with General Motors’ Suburban and Yukon and Ford’s Expedition, the auto industry’s only other large SUV’s.

From Marchionne’s comments it seems like the production of the SUV would coincide with Ram’s overhaul to its light-duty trucks in 2017.

“I think we have a unique opportunity with renewal of the pickup line, with the powertrains we selected, to significantly increase output,” Marchionne said.

In addition to market opportunity, the stabilization of gas prices would also make it possible for a new large SUV to successfully enter the market.

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