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Ram Debuts Armed Forces Special Edition Ram 1500 Pickups

Written By, Brad R

Around the country, many have largely focused on the Coronavirus, the upcoming presidential election, and a spree of less than positive news, but there is still good news out there. Ram has decided to debut a new series of Ram 1500 pickups that should help customers bring their focus to the U.S. Armed Forces more a change. Ram said it organized on a handful of special edition trucks to honor each branch of the US military. Fiat Chrysler's pickup division kicked things off with the US Army, and now, we have a Ram 1500 specifically in tribute to the US Navy. 

Here Comes the Navy Special Edition Ram 1500

The latest Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition has now come out, the Navy version of the new select special editions. These pickups are special edition pickups that are not made from the base model pickups. Each pickup comes standard with Ram's 4x4 Off-Road package that contains brawnier shock absorbers, all-terrain tires, and an electronic locking rear differential among other facilities. The body colors offer Ceramic Gray or Patriot Blue for this pickup. Ceramic Gray is a new color specifically designed for this special edition pickup, while Patriot Blue was made recently for the 2019 Ram 1500 production run. Customers are going to notice the pickup's interior adds blue cues with a hint of Ambassador Blue that offers fitting contrast from the standard black interior. Ram's most responsive handling is a new Velcro panel on each side of the front seating. This allows owners to promote their own patches, such as their regimental or flag.

More on the Ram "Built To Serve" Pickups

Ram will supply all Built to Serve edition pickups with a US flag decal and a second decal labeled "Built to Serve" on the rear quarter panels. The "Built to Serve" moniker is also placed inside the interior across the middle of the front row seating. The wheel flares also pair well with either of the color body color choices. Owners can appreciate the standard 20-inch wheels feature a smooth gray finish. Meanwhile, the front fascia adds an all-black grille, black bumpers and Ram slaps on black badges instead of the standard finish. 

Ram plans to offer 2,000 units of this distinct Built to Serve edition to dealers began offering the first special edition on June 14, 2020, this was a decision made to correspond with Flag Day. The next Ram 1500 pickups in this series special edition to honor the Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, each with their own special colors and trimmings. 

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