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Ram Building Up Electric Heavy Duty Pickup?

Written By, Brad R

The trademarks of Ram are very much alive in well in the 2022 lineup currently available, but the future is being built for 2024. NowCar has placed an emphasis on supplying the newest vehicles primed for continued success. This is the same desire for Ram as the brand has been working on a new collection for customers to think of when they consider vehicles. The prized pickup Ram 1500 is returning to offer customers a prized option that supplies a bevy of technology advantages, comfort, but renewed fuel savings by removing a need for gasoline is the next step. Ram is securing the promise of electric technology that will bring about the fuel efficiency buyers are looking to drive. We already know Ram has succeeded in fulfilling the desires of new car owners, taking the top spot in 2022 J. D. Power’s 2022 APEAL Study.  

Fully Electric Ram Pickups Arriving Soon

Ram is planning a selective group of exclusive ram pick up options, putting on an engineering clinic with all its focus going into EV choices by the mid-way point of 2025. The next Ram 1500 comes with a new design and appearance with the 2023 model year gaining perks that are unnamed except for the reports that have noted production. The Ram 1500 won thanks to its two options that provide a well-liked ride, high-rate returns for the money advancing the high customer satisfaction percentage. The more people surveyed, the higher likelihood Ram would further distance from the pack regarding initial satisfaction. 

Popular Choices Among Shoppers In 2022

The Ram 1500 purchases remain as popular as ever, and now the 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) study has revealed Ram to be the top brand of customers. Measurements of design, layout, performance and features all comprised what make up the APEAL award. Consumers definitely know why Dodge and Ram vehicles are dynamic and winning accolades for many more reasons. The evolution of Ram pickups has a rather rich history and included is the versatile catalog that includes the Ram Heavy Duty pickups. A Ram 2500 Rebel. Motor Insiders has said and noted with spy images and their own hypothesis on Ram, and thanks to an anonymous source who added a supplies list, we have acquired the most visible proof yet that Ram will build an off-road-focused heavy-duty Ram pickup.

Ram Has the Electric Power Plan

Of course, Ram returned in 2022 with the popular the Power Wagon option. What’s intriguing is that the equipment list is for the 2023 Ram 2500 Power Wagon, listing Rebel equipment among the choices. The current Power Wagon has decided to gear up and offer the 6.4-Liter V8 Hemi with 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque as the base model engine. According to the optional equipment documented, the 2023 Power Wagon would be available with the 6.7-Liter inline-six Cummins turbo diesel as well. The addition of the 68RFE six-speed automatic includes the lower-output Cummins with 370 horsepower and a massive 850 lb-ft of torque rating; the larger diesel hits even more absurd ratings of 420 horsepower and 1,075 lb-ft of torque is phenomenal and pairs to the Aisin ASC69RC six-speed transmission.

The Kokomo plant plans to have an average annual production capacity of 23 gigawatt-hours, with a goal to advance to 33 GWh in the coming few years. An anticipated total capacity would also rise as far as demand takes this aspect of EV capabilities. Driving the barrier further for Stellantis electric vehicles is a potential item to make note of.

Hurry To Close Your Summer With A New Vehicle!

We are ready to show off our vehicles and welcome everyone to see them live in person or over the web as we cater to our customers everywhere. Stellantis is building to uphold the electric vehicle plan the automotive industry. 

Can’t find the right specifications you were hoping to discover at the local dealership? That’s where NowCar can help, especially for those looking to drive the all-new Ram 1500. Let us be your total vehicle guide for anything you’re hoping to drive. You are not limited to a simple inventory lot at one location as we can assist you along the way to gain the vehicle you’ve always wanted.   Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the Ram brand as of late.

We hope you talk to us on social media and let us know what you think about the Ram vehicles we sell. For any needs you currently have about buying your new vehicle, we can help at NowCar. Simply visit our website to search and build what vehicle you want directly from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet. It’s never been easier to buy a new vehicle than today, with NowCar!