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Quick Look at Anticipated Concepts at Upcoming SEMA

Written By, Chloe Lykes

!SEMA starts next week and all of the concepts, news and debuts are all anyone in the auto world can talk about, so we thought we’d join the conversation. Check out a little bit of what is coming this year at SEMA, which will take place in Las Vegas from Nov. 1-4.


When automakers display amongst each other, they like to make a loud appearance, so there’s no surprise there will be a lot of horsepower. Here are two automakers who have given a preview of horsepower.

Despite recent cutbacks to the Ford Mustang lineup and questions about the production of the track-inspired Ford Focus RS, Ford will have plenty of horsepower on display. Ford will display two spruced up different versions of the Ford Focus RS models, one sporting Roush Performance parts that is geared up for 500 horsepower and the other a 450-horsepower model with an turbo kit by Full Race.

However, 500 horsepower has nothing on Hyundai’s custom Hyundai Santa Fe concept. Nicknamed “Santa-Fast,” the SUV produces 1,040 horsepower and it looks nothing like the simple SUV that is seen on the streets. A large part of the credit for the “Santa-Fast” goes to Bismoto, an engineering agency known for packing horses under the hood of all types of cars.

Alongside the “Santa-Fast” there will also be a fierce off-roading Santa Fe concept made with Rockstar Performance Garage. The 3.3-liter V6 engine will get a nitros oxide injection system, and AEM cold air intake and Mishimoto cooling systems, all of which will help this unlikely off-roading monster power through any terrain.


Self-driving cars have been dominating headlines this year and the conversation and innovation is getting louder. Kia will have four self-driving cars on display and they have leaked a few details about their autonomous driving Soul concept, the “Soul First Class.”

Despite what many people have seen and imagine about self-driving cars, Kia’s concept goes a step farther as their creation focuses on the fact that the experience in self-driving cars will be focused on enjoyment or productivity rather than what’s going on the road.  

Kia has designed the “Soul First Class” with rear-facing seats allowing for more personable conversations during long rides, a 40-inch flat screen and to top it off, Kia ditched the steering wheel.


It’s still unclear if Mercedes-Benz will attend SEMA with their new pickup truck, which has been officially named the X Class. That’s right, a luxury pickup truck made by Mercedes-Benz. We’re dying to see it and learn more about it, but it doesn’t seem that the truck will be available in the United States, so it would make sense if it skipped the show. That’s okay though, there will be plenty of cool trucks on display.

Unlike other automakers that have paired up with parts and engineering companies to amp up engines, Chevy partnered up with Carhartt, a clothing company. Chevy will have a Silverado Carhartt concept will be stylishly designed with a durable tonneau cover made exclusively from Carhartt fabrics, truck seating that is made from Carhartt’s signature duck brown garment fabric, and Carhartt logos.

Mopar will have a huge display at SEMA and the new 2017 Ram Power Wagon will be included in the bunch. Unlike the new Power Wagons that will be in dealership showrooms soon, this Ram Power Wagon will have a variety of custom Mopar parts on the interior and exterior. Who knows, maybe the Mopar concept will join the limited-edition ‘16 Mopar Ram 1500 Rebel on the lineup.

We can’t wait to see what’s unveiled when the show starts on Nov. 1! Stay tuned