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Dashcam carnow holiday gift ideas

Quick, Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your Christmas Wish List

Written By, Brad R.

NowCar is all about providing the best customer experience for everyone. If you know someone who already found their perfect car, but want to provide awesome complimentary gifts to enhance their vehicle, try some of these gift ideas! No matter your budget, any thoughtful gift will surprise friends and family and make it easier for them while on the road.

If you know someone who travels often, a dashcam is a must to protect your vehicle in the event of driving or parking accident that wasn’t your fault, insurance fraud and generally to be able to look back on anything you might want to see again. Various dash cams are available ranging in prices from $49 to a few hundred. Some auto insurance companies also offer discounts for drivers that record their driving and avoid accidents. This a great gift to ensure their good driving habits are rewarded. Capturing car crashes, hit and runs or crimes while driving also make up reasons why having a dashcam is important.

Accidents are a part of driving, but take comfort in what technology can do for you. Dashcams are relatively inexpensive and will help ease tensions in the event of an collision. We recommend purchasing plastic road hazards. When placed after an accident, they can help to let drivers approaching your vehicle know to move out of the way. Road hazards are a great way to avoid creating a larger scene (especially on wet or dimly lit roads) and are a thoughtful gift.

Seatback organizers are a thoughtful gift that make it easy for a driver to organize and tidy up their ride. For drivers with small children, this is a must! Don’t worry about looking for any lost toys, you can place anything in the organizer knowing it will remain safely nestled in a secure seatback organizer.

And of course, there’s no better gift than upgrading your vehicle to exactly the vehicle you want, with no modifications needed. Recommending friends or family check out is a great gift recommendation for someone who is in the market for a new vehicle. Simply choose the vehicle specifications you want at the lowest price point! See for yourself right now at NowCar!


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