People Love NowCar, online car buying

Written By, NowCar Team

Valentine’s Day inspired us to write about the type of love people have for NowCar. Unlike traditional love and romance that is shared between two people, the love for NowCar comes from people’s relief that there is an empowering and simple way to buy a car.

In addition to letting our buyer’s research and shop from anywhere and at their own pace, we give car buyers stay the control of the entire buying process. Picking out the car, filling out the credit forms, and submitting a deposit is all done online and without the typical bait and switch tactics that are typical of today’s dealerships.

Our unique method of selling cars also allows us to cut a lot of the costs that a dealership has to pay for -- salespeople, rent, tons of inventory -- NowCar doesn’t have that and our prices show it.

In short, people love us and here is what they have said.

"The entire process was simple and the deal I received was amazing. I love my new Kia Optima Hybrid!"
-- Hollind M.

“I was about to buy a car from a dealership until they almost had me sign a contract for a finance payment that was a year longer than we agreed on. I did not have this problem when I bought my car with NowCar.”
-- Marguerite S.

“I was looking to get the most car for my money. And, I really didn’t want to make a long term commitment. So, I researched leasing on NowCar and found more than what I was looking for and I’m not locked into the same car forever!”
-- Alice A.

"What a great idea. This is a definitely the way the world is heading. The process was painless. And, you delivered my new car right to my house!"
-- David D.

“So happy I found this site. I was skeptical at the price at first, but once I talked about the whole process with an associate, I knew this was legit.”
-Carlos J.