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NowCar is changing the car buying and car shopping experience

NowCar is Changing the Car Shopping and Buying Experience

Written By, Chloe L.

When consumers give feedback, companies listen. Companies may not always change, but they definitely listen. NowCar was created because we have listened to the consumers and we have created a product that we believe is a solution to consumer complaints regarding the car shopping process.

How have we resolved the many problems, complications, frustrations and logistics of the car buying process? We’ll tell you.

No Pushy Salespeople

This is probably the best problem we have resolved. We are not a traditional “car dealership” and there are no pushy or slow salespeople. No one will show you alternatives that are out of your price range or convince you there’s another car that is best for you. No one is going to make you wait in a freezing cold room while they go check the best deal they can get for you. You set the rules.

Buy a Car Online

We’re not joking. You can shop for and buy a car at your own pace without leaving your house. You can pick out a car, add options to it, do a credit check, select the financing or leasing method, make a downpayment and get a new car delivered for free. Of course, there are people to help you along the way, if you need it. But you will never ever have to go anywhere to complete the process and it’s up to you if you want to ask for help.

Keeping Up with the Shopping Trends

Now more than ever, people do a large bulk of their shopping and research all online before they get to a dealership. We know that, so we have built one of the most comprehensive car research platforms on the internet. You can search, read reviews, view pictures, videos and pricing information on almost every single car available in the U.S. Plus, you can compare all these cars, side-by-side, including pricing, and available rebates. We even provide the True Market Value of each car provided by Edmunds, a trusted name in the auto industry.

Shop Based on Your Needs

Nowadays, there’s a lot more to a car than its engine and it's impossible to keep up with what cars have what features. To help people find out what cars have the features on their checklist, we have created a way for you to shop for cars that have the feature or features that are must-haves for you. And trust us, the results and diversity of car tech and convenience features might surprise you.

Alright, so we might not have taken care of the whole DMV process, but we have definitely tackled the car buying process. You can literally buy a car online and have it delivered to you for free. Start shopping now.