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Nine Reasons To Upgrade Your Vehicle In 2019

Written By, Brad R.

Photo credit: FCU

For those who have grown tired of their current vehicle, there’s plenty of reasons why owning or leasing a new vehicle would be a great choice. Maybe that’s a fact that comes up easily, but we’re happy to help if any of these reasons are just another reminder that the time may have come to upgrade.

Boring Ride? That Can Change

Not happy with the current ride? Have the times changed and certain features aren’t up to date? Driving a newer vehicle will certainly help. A new vehicle will carry features that provide an easier way to navigate and use technology to better every drive. Infotainment centers have larger screens that have Bluetooth capabilities to allow for simpler ways to play music, answer calls and avoid using a smartphone while driving. Maybe the time has come to enter a totally different vehicle altogether? Many choices exist from SUVs and pickup trucks to vans and sedans. Let us help!

New and Improved Version

If the latest version has come out, it may have higher reviews or more accolades. Don’t stay in an older vehicle if the research shows all the upgrades that can be afforded with a simple look into the current version of the same vehicle. Chances are, there will be impressive improvements that make life easier.

Improved Gas Mileage

Stuck making long distance trips for work or to visit friends or family often? Maybe the best reason to upgrade a vehicle is the chance to reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline. Many hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles have been released that warrant consideration.

A Newer Vehicle Might Cost Less Than First Thought

Just because a vehicle is a new vehicle doesn’t mean it will be out of range price wise. We recommend checking out our prices at NowCar and build the vehicle that makes sense. A newer ride doesn’t have to have a crazy expensive price. We make it easy to see that and prove it every day. We offer the lowest prices on new vehicles, no contest!

Better Reviews

Looking online through various reviews can inform drivers how great their current vehicle is. A simple way to find out if it is time to move on from a vehicle is reading reviews and making an informed decision about moving along to a different, newer vehicle. As they say, out with the old and in with the new.


Getting a new vehicle brings about many positive feelings and may even reward the owner depending on the vehicle. The federal government literally pays owners a tax credit up to $7,500 for certain electric-vehicle purchases. Not to mention, think of all the perks of reducing emissions with a vehicle like that. The world becomes a better place!

New Warranty

Driving an older vehicle might mean there’s no longer a warranty attached to the vehicle. This is difference-maker for a lot of drivers. Knowing that any issues that come up with any part of the vehicle are replaceable at no cost to the owner is huge. Hoping to not fix the next big issue that comes up? Don’t wait long enough to find out what that might be.

Confidence Builder

Something about owning or leasing a new vehicle brings about great joy. The freedom of having a vehicle is wonderful, but the feeling is heightened with the thought of driving a brand spanking new ride. There are few moments better than stepping into a new vehicle and feeling the steering wheel of a new model before starting the ignition. Which, many new vehicles have a push-to-start button, which may or not be a new experience.

Last, But Not Least

Certainly, the best sensation of them all might be that new car smell. Is anything quite like it?

Shop With NowCar In 2019

For those looking for a stress and hassle-free car buying experience, that’s where NowCar shines over traditional car dealerships. Let us be your complete vehicle guide for anything you’re looking for. You are not limited to an inventory lot and we can assist you along the way for any of your questions or concerns.

Visit us on social media for further information. For any needs you have about buying your new vehicle, we can help at NowCar. Search and build precisely what vehicle you want directly from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet. Then, sit back and wait for your free delivery! It’s never been easier to shop for a new vehicle than now, with NowCar!