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Much Anticipated Chevrolet Corvette C8 Set to Debut Next Month

Written By, Brad R

Chevrolet proudly looks to launch its new generation Corvette. The eighth-generation Corvette, aka the C8, is being revered and highly sought out. What makes this Chevy special is its the first mid-engine Corvette ever made. General Motors (GM) supplied this new Chevrolet Corvette Stringray C8 with an incredible top speed of 194 miles per hour thanks to the newly improved LT2 V8 engine. Along with plenty of new features, the Corvette C8 will be officially revealed on October 2nd, 2019. The start of next month is expected to showcase the convertible version of the new C8. Some speculate that the Corvette C8 will have a potential Grand Sport version as well. 

What Makes the Corvette C8 So Unique?

Inside the 2020 Corvette Corvette Stringray rests more than a powerful engine. Something unique to the original of the mid-engine being added to this Corvette is the backstory. Zora Arkus-Dentov, a General Motors engineer known as "the father of the Corvette" had pushed to see GM put in a mid-engine model for the Corvette. He claimed the way to achieve the best-performing Corvette would need the mid-engine design. In fact, Arkus-Dentov invented his own versions of the mid-body prototypes that started with the 1960 CERV-1 (Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle). While he was certain about his belief of a mid-engine, Chevrolet passed until this new generation Corvette. Today, the Corvette packs 495 horsepower and an incredible 470 lb-ft of torque. A zero-to-sixty time of fewer than three seconds was promised by the General Motors president. 

“This has always been Corvette’s destiny and is the supercar that we’ve all wanted to see for so long. The displacement is the same and the number of cylinders is the same, but everything else is all new,” says Mark Reuss, president of GM. 

The Chevrolet Corvette Is As Sharp As It Looks

More than just creating a powerhouse of a vehicle, a lot of time went into the design with the sports car updating to look as sleek as ever. The price for the C8 will begin in the $60,000 range. When thinking of the polished, sharp look the C8 provides, the design is exactly what Chevrolet hoped to create. Buyers will definitely take notice of the exterior design as well as the new engine placement and overall design. 

“This is not merely a new chapter in Corvette history, it’s a whole new book,” says Phil Zak, Global Executive Design Director for Chevrolet. 

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