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NowCar Rivian Specs

More Rivian RT1 Specs Released

Written By, Jordan R

Rivian, an electric vehicle startup, has been blowing things out of the water recently. Ever since its first investment round, hugely backed by Amazon, Rivian collected about $8 billion in funding to produce an all-electric lineup of pickup trucks, SUVs, and delivery vans. We can already tell that last one is why Amazon got on the ground floor – going green is always a nice mark on a company’s portfolio. Plus, Rivian has already filled all pre-sale orders for its RT1 electric pickup truck. This is one startup that will surely become an automaker one day, tough enough to play with the big dogs. Close to release, a lucky future owner had a Q&A with his “Rivian Guide”, a guru that introduces the new user to their Rivian RT1, and there are plenty of updates to share.

Rivian RT1 Spec Updates

When it comes to performance, the RT1 has an advertised 300+ mile range solely from its electric motor and battery pack. The RT1 has three-wheel options that may or may not affect this range. Able to choose from 20-inch – 22-inch wheels, 21-inch sounds like the sweet spot for maximum range, but we’re still waiting on the official EPA ratings for the Rivian pickup truck.

For those looking for an extended range, able to guarantee at least 400 miles if not more, the RT1 Max Pack needs to be a part of the original order – in other words, anyone looking to get their hands on an RT1 after launch needs to decide if they want the Max Pack or not before signing papers. No upgrade to the Max Pack will be available. If looking to tow, the maximum towing capacity of the RT1 pickup truck is 11,000 pounds, and that definitely will affect the range, by about 50-percent.

Being a startup, Rivian hasn’t made any deals with specific brands to fuel its lineup. That means, when it comes to technology and ingenuity, we’re going to see custom-made features that bring these models to life. We already have vehicles with a removable roof, but a truck with an all-in-one kitchen built right into a space before the rear wheel wells is definitely a new one. For all the campers out there, the Rivian RT1 kitchen compartment comes with a stovetop large enough for two pots or pans, a sink with a built-in water reserve, a 30-piece kitchen set, plus including pots, pans, a cutting board, utensils, plus a coffee pot and grinder. Labor Day BBQ, a night of camping in the woods, or a romantic dinner, anything is possible it seems with this kind of setup

A custom infotainment system is also going to be offered with the Rivian RT1. That means Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto will not be available, at least at launch, but we may see improved functionality via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates if the demand is there. Regardless, Rivian is already confident that its custom infotainment system will rival all currently in the market, including its GPS navigation system. Rivian also states that improvements to the range and performance of the RT1 could also come in the form of OTA updates. It’s crazy to think that a software update could improve the performance of a car, but what was once impossible with internal combustion engines is reality with electric vehicles.

Orders for the Launch Edition R1T are still set to start deliveries in the autumn, between September 22 and December 21. For anyone ordering a non-launch model, with either package (Adventure/Explore), can expect deliveries starting in January 2022. More details are soon to follow as first-time owners get their Rivian and most likely fill up their social media with reviews, photos, and videos. If you’re one of the lucky few to get a Launch Edition Rivian RT1 pickup truck, let us know on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Rivian